Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Recent phone conversastion with the boy. (Don't ask me why he suddenly started talking on the phone to me, but now, all of a sudden, he has plenty to say.)

Hi, Mommy! How you?

Hey buddy, how are you?


Did you have raisin toast for breakfast?

mmmm-hmmmmm! ainin toat! An eelios an milt!

Raisin toast and Cheerios and milk. Wow, that’s a lot for breakfast. What are you doing?

I on cah-shiss an I on

(Daddy says, "He put his car shoes on himself")

You put your car shoes on yourself?


Great job, buddy!!! That’s so cool!

mmmm-hmmmmm!. I coe-lore an mee-mout an donal an daisee

What? You’re watching Micky and Donald and Daisy?

mmmm-hmmmmm!…I what bags laugh.

You’re watching Bugs Life?

mmmm-hmmmmm!…I what mee-mout.

You’re watching Mickey Mouse?

(Daddy says, “He’s coloring in his Mickey Mouse color book.”)

OH! You’re COLORING Mickey Mouse!



Peace, everyone!

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