Thursday, July 03, 2008

I got nothing….

So…for days on end I’ve managed a post a day…

Some of them are full of pictures, but a post a day is a post a day, right?

But today…I got nothing…

I’m tired from an average of 5 hours of sleep a night. (Jay is still occasionally challenged by the “if its dark we sleep” concept)

I’ve had my brain sucked out by work these last two weeks. (I enjoy my job…but sometimes, as with all jobs, it just sucks all the juice out of my brain cells. Come on, you know what that’s like!)

I’m stiff and sore from a new work out (I tried having a ballet dancer’s physique without the exercise. It just not working for me! So…I’ve resorted to exercise! CURSES!)

And I have a nagging sensation that there have been more withdraws from my emotional bank account than deposits into it…which…if you follow my no-brain-cell-juice-logic means I’m currently in possession of an overdrawn emotional-bank-account. (Hey…just for reference, because I have your attention…it is literally impossible to make a single deposit into the emotional bank account every month or so and hope it will cover the many withdraws that are made…especially if the withdrawing has been going on for years. If you want more details on that, the Emotional Bank Account concept is from Steven Covey’s 7 habits books.)

I feel a bit depressed...although, that COULD be because I’m tired, brain-juice-less, stiff and overdrawn…hmmm…At any rate, my husband says I’m not depressed, so, while I feel like I might be just a little, I guess I must not be in reality.

Seriously, people, if it weren’t for coffee, I’d be in a coma.

Alas, there IS coffee (OH, PRAISE YOU JESUS!!!)...and fully caffeinated sweet tea…so here I am, typing away on my little blog telling you all how little I have to say.

OH…and I did send you to Steven Covey…that’s worth something, I suppose.

Peace (and caffeine) to you all!

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April Driggers said...

Girl, we need to get together! Ha ha... I swear... I was feeling like my rear end was about 10 feet behidn me today. I had nothing... nothing left whatsoever... I really just wanted to lay in bed all day (I think I could have). My lack of sleep is insomnia UGH... and I can't drink coffee! CURSES!!! WAAAHH!!! I've been up til about 3 am every day the last week... Up between 7 and 8... not a fun life... I'm going to look way old before my time... dag nabbit.