Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flash-cards, Jayden-style.

Mommy: What is this, Jay?

Jayden: Pin!

That’s right. It is colored pink. But what is it?

HAARRRR!!! (touching his hand to his chest)

That’s right. It’s a heart. Do you know what letter the word Heart starts with?

P! pah pah pah P!

Well…Pink starts with P. What letter does Heart start with?

WOOHOO!!! (throws hands up in the air)

Moving on because he’s already celebrating.

What are these, Jay?


Basket balls!!! Should we count them?

YES! Wuuunn. Twoooo. Freee…Foh….Fife….Si….Seben…..A…..

That’s right!

An owange!

That’s right, they are orange.

WOO HOO!!! (throws hands up in the air)

One more…what color is this?

Bown ockgon.

Mommy raises eyebrows in surprise…

That’s right! It’s a brown octagon. Good job!

WOO HOO!!!! (throws hands up in the air)

Note to self: We will need new flash cards soon.


Gina said...

He knows what an octagon is! That is really amazing!! Wow, you're doing an amazing job. I agree, Jayden-- WHOO HOO! : )

**** April **** said...

WOW check out the big brain on Jayden!!!

**** April **** said...

Hey pretty lady... just checking to see if you got my e-mail -- that it wasn't filtered to junk b/c I never heard back from ya...

:) I don't trust the electronic age sometimes! :)