Monday, June 30, 2008

"Untle Mite"

This is "Untle Mite"

Crazy-man extraordinaire, fun guy, Jule's hubby, Brian's bro, Scott's BFAM, the best man from our wedding, the guy that makes up weird noises to shout out and gets all of us to play along.

He's a counsellor, a chicken farmer, a hiker, a frisbee-player, a snowboarder, a tree-hugger, and a true blue California boy (DUDE!).

He's not really changed a bit since the day I first met him.

He's still crazy, he still loves life, he's still laid back to the max.

Jayden LOVED him from the moment he arrived in our house:
Daddy to Jayden, "I love Jayden!"
Jayden's response to Daddy, "I love MITE!"

Jayden HATED to see him go.

Come back soon "Untle Mite." We like having you around.

PS...They need counsellers in Charlotte, too! and Vets!! I KNOW they need vets!! I'm certain we can find a house with enough room for your garden...

and your chickens...



April Driggers said...

I love this story! THIS is a total scrapworthy story! :) I love the pictures of them too! Precious precious precious!

and I LOVE that you put what your munchkin calls him. Love their little pronunciations of things... too cute

Michael said...

Untle Mite loves JAYDEN! - and his mommy and daddy, too... You guys ROCK! Can't wait to be all together again soon. Keep it REAL! --mb