Thursday, June 05, 2008

“Sassy Go”

As I watch my little boy grow, I am consistently surprised by how rapidly things change.

Of all things that change in my son, his language has been the most remarkable. We always knew he’d have high energy, would be a climber, a dancer, a runner, a physical guy. That, after all, runs in his father’s bloodline.

But what we never really knew was how fast he’d find his way round to effectively communicating with us. We aren’t sure what the reason for this is…

It could be because I’m a verbal person.

It could be the books.

It could be because we try to involve him as much as possible in our family conversations.

Or…it could be because he’s been aware from the beginning he’d have to raise his game when it came to language because we never seem to know what the heck he’s talking about.

Let be be really clear here - Jayden is a good communicator. There is rarely any doubt about what he wants, knows, sees or thinks.

He can label the basic 8 colors and gives most things he touches a label (yellow hawse! ), can count (to sixteen), he knows the alphabet song and can tell you what some letters are on recognition (A, C, O, and I are the current faves), and he can tell you the full story of “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” (without connecting words, of course, be he’s got the gist of the story).

And it seems we have passed a new milestone…a subtle milestone.

Normally, children with new language are very efficient…there is a word or two and a hand gesture and a facial expression.

When they start to put a couple of words together, its usually about giving you directions or expressing something that applies specifically to them. And virtually always, its about NOW or the immediate future. “Go, go, go, Mommy!”

One of the hardest things for me in communicating with Jay is asking him about something in the past (he rarely has expressions for things in the past) or finding out what he did with something (like his shoes.)

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve noticed Jay has been able to tell us what he did at grandmas…

What did you do today with Grandma? Play Sand
And what did you make with the sand? TURTLE!
Oh, you made a turtle! YES!
Did you make anything else? HOUSE! BLUE HOUSE!
(Just in case you are wondering, the mold he uses to make a house out of sand is blue)
Did you go down the slide? YES! And BALL DOWN!
(this means he threw the ball down the slide)

But on to the milestone.

Last night, in the middle of the night, my sweet boy, who still uses his Pacifier (aka Sassy) to comfort himself to sleep at night, woke up crying. He was fussing and fussing and I couldn’t get him to lie down.

At last, obviously frustrated with my lack of mind-reading skill, he says, “SASSY GO!” and he rubs his chest – where the Paci is usually tethered.

Ahhh…the Paci is gone.

What did you do with the Paci? Down, Mommy. Sassy go down.

So I looked down.

And there it was on the floor…

Right where he put it.

Right where he remembered he put it.

Right where he told me he remembered he put it.

I know…I know… I know…

Its just a little thing…

But for me, it was phenomenal because I spent five minutes getting my boy back to sleep instead of 20.

And at two in the morning…that is a milestone!


MaryC said...

They grow up entirely too fast. You blink your eyes and they are in college.
Savor these little times. They are precious moments to have in your memories.

Samantha said...

I miss those sort of milestones! Now we're onto things like "shaving legs for the first time" and the accompanying "first haircut with the razor your sister left out". I like the the other ones better =)