Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This is GG…

She is the oldest member of Scott’s family…

And Jay is the youngest…

And these two people are my husband’s most favorite people in the entire world. He would fall on his sword for either of them at a moment’s notice…and I can safely say that none of the rest of us hold quite the same place in his heart as these two.

Somehow, they manage to bridge 81 years of time and get along famously.

She is ever-indulgent and just loves his company.

He is ever-indulgent and just wants her near him.

She doesn’t care what they do as long as she can sit with him and play.

He doesn’t care what they do as long as she is there while he plays.

It’s a relationship truly made in Heaven.

I’m so grateful that my Jay gets to know GG – and that GG has gotten to spend some time with him.

The stories and the pictures will be priceless to him someday.

She is going home today and, as it often is with these things, nobody really knows if they will ever get to see each other again this side of Heaven.

But for now, they have had a couple weeks of play and fun and love and hugs and togetherness.

And for that, I am so so grateful!

Peace, y’all!

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April Driggers said...

This... is beautiful. :) I WISH wish wish my grandmother had lived long enough to know my children.

I think those photos of the two of them will be much more important to your DH than your son...