Friday, May 02, 2008

Scrap Crap Shopping Extravaganza

Well...hello again!

I've been brewing several spiritual blogs...but so far none of them seem ready for publication...I'm still struggling and...well...working them out with God.

I thought maybe I'd give you my opinions on Barak, Hillary, John and the rest of the zoo that we call a Presidential election...but I've heard its better not to discuss politics...

There was also the possibility of sharing some of the cool mom sites I've been collecting. But I decided to save that for when I can do a really cool post - I've only found three that I'm moved to share.

So...I'm going to talk about was that or celebrity gossip...and I'm just not up on celebrity gossip...

Ok...seriously, I kind of AM up on celebrity gossip...but since you can get that stuff at the grocery store check-out, I'm not going to bother.

and...lets just be clear...I'm not going to talk about real shopping...because, while Mom and I shopped while she was here, we just didn't get very far.

Onward to the shopping I AM going to talk about...

Last week Deb and Bert and I went on yet another shopping trip (we planned four of them this year! hee hee) In fact, at this time last Friday, I was plotting the map and the time we had to leave and where the closest Starbucks is for appropriate sustinence for a Scrap Crap Shopping Extravaganza...

I was particularly excited about this one because I had on gift card from Mom and one AMAZING gift card from work...and I had a long and thorough list of things that I wanted to get.

This is how I normally shop for scrap stuff...complete impulse OR I make a long wish list ***I actually make THREE long lists at THREE different on-line stores that I keep updated regularly incase somebody wants to buy me a gift!*** and I print out my long list - WITH PICTURES - and bring it with me on the trip. This time, my list had 38 pages...WHEW! (and isn't that just like make a list! So So SO SO type A crazy Felecia personality to make a 38 page Scrap Supply shopping list!)

Well...I got lots of NEAT things that I wanted and a few really super cool things that were NOT on the list...oh...and I crossed a number of things off the list becuase when I saw them in person I just didn't care for are the results of my spree...

First up, some Cosmo Cogsmo - I got the Crafting Kit at Hobby Lobby for an amazingly good price and then supplemented with a sticker set, a Blackboard album and some really cool Bazzill.

Next a set of Karen Russel cream and black...another set that I got for a great price at Hobby Lobby...but the BoBunny Brads and the neat textured flowers were some of my surprise finds.

A little Animal Crackers from MM along with some Bazzill (I should say here that this shopping trip I "kitted" everything. I found so much great stuff that I just got three sheets of several matching cardstock colors to go will make scrapping with the PP much easier!)

This is Rusty Pickle Pop Star...these papers are SO SUPER CUTE! and double sided - so if you don't like the mostly white pattern on one side, there is an equally doodly black pattern on the other. I don't know where I will use these, but they were entirely too cute to leave on the shelf!

I've become endlessly fascinated with the die-cut papers...Bert found these Karen Russell's and I had to have some of each well as a KI lace paper and more of those special textured flowers as a bonus.

I found these Prima Dude collection papers and Fancy Pants rubons...and of course matching Bazzill..I'm going to use at least one of these to scrap the infamous boots .

I found these super sweet Heidi Grace papers (and matching Bazzill) for a pretty little adoption album I'm working on. I don't do girl stuff very much, so it was a challenge to even pick the right papers for it. The Bo Bunny brads make yet another appearance (I love these things...they are so cute!) as well as a bunch of Irene's Flowers.

A tiny bit of Basic Grey - I'm sure I can find a use for these awesome colors and the great rub-ons.

A little Fancy Pants - this line is SO NEAT. I thought it would work well with pictures of Grandpa Steve and Jay.

And finally, I have another adoption album I'm doing for another sweet little girl. This girl, though, isn't a newborn and also has a little spunk and adventure. Her mom posts regular pictures of her, so I have the advantage of knowing the colors in all the pictures...this is KI Memories Eye Candy, some BoBunny chipboard, Queen and Co felt, Doodlebug flowers and HS butterflies. I've been wanting to use some butterflies, so this is my big chance!

I also bought Ali's Life Artist book, a bunch of Hambly transparancies, a bunch of Fancy Pants Transparancies. All in all a GREAT shopping trip!

But once again, I have to say...If only I had more time to scrap!

I leave you with this joyful picture - Hey Mom and Kellie - remind you of anyone? Think BBQ ribs!!!

Peace, ya'll

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Samantha said...

I think you out-OCD'd me with the list. 38 pages, with photos...I'm so proud! =)

Love it all. Needing to plan a little shopping trip of my own very soon.