Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Plans and reality…

I PLANNED to have a Saturday morning celebrating with friends and an afternoon with the girls to scrapbook.

REALITY was that I was beat from Friday’s illness ordeal with the boy and the boy was still on the mend…so, we got some scrapbooking done, but that was about it.

I PLANNED to have an inspiring post about Mother’s Day and all its joys on Sunday.

REALITY was that the husband got sick. So, the boy and I had breakfast together, watched some movies, went to the grocery and took care of a sick daddy. So – for Mother’s day – I was just every day mom plus nurse.

I PLANNED to have a full and exciting Monday of meetings, notes and just generally getting things done, followed by a fun evening with Scott’s men’s group having some social time.

REALITY was that I ended up sick too on Sunday night and spent an entire Monday in bed moaning and sleeping and being very ill..

It was not the most stellar weekend.

And…frankly…I was NOT at all happy about how it all turned out. Most of what I’d looked forward to all week got overrun by illness and just trying to keep things generally together.

Still, I suppose the lesson is this: Be flexible and be content. I mean, nobody had to go to the hospital, right?

Now, I’m PLANNING to send the boy to Pre-School in a sterile bubble. I’ve never had more illness in my house in my life than in the last 4 months.

REALITY is that I can barely get him to keep his shoes on, let alone a sterile bubble.

Peace, blessings and health, everyone!

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Samantha said...

Sorry the weekend turned out to be a bust. I've thought about the kid in a bubble thing for a long time, but you're right - it just isn't practical. Perhaps a personal mister of Lysol?

Growing up, we once had chicken pox from Thanksgiving until New Year's - they just migrated slowly from one kid to another (which is one of the reasons I stopped at two).