Friday, May 09, 2008

Its Date Night…

We will be taking Mr. Jay to the Parents Night Out event at his school. His school is a Christian Academy attached to a church. The church youth group organization stages these Parents Night Out events to raise funds and give their youth some volunteer experience. Many of the normal teachers participate, so for the kids it’s a recognizable environment. We LOVE it because we get the night “off” for $10, our child is in a safe and regular environment, AND they wear the little bugger out so he goes right to bed when we get him home! Bliss, I tell you, Bliss!

We are going to dinner here.

And then to see this.

Frankly NOT my favorite movie choice…but I DID get to choose the restaurant. Mexican food. YUM!

Tomorrow, I have a wonderful morning planned celebrating the expansion of Amy’s family.

Then a scrumptious Saturday afternoon of scrapbooking with Berta and Debbie.

There will be some sort of Mother’s Day celebration…I’m secretly praying for a sleep-in-great-breakfast-don’t-have-to-do-any-of-the-work day of playing with Jay and relaxing with Scott (who will be doing all the work, of course!) :-) I’ll let you know how all that goes!

Peaceful day, everyone!

***EDIT to UPDATE***

No date night.

Boy came down with a virus over night and we have both been scrambling all day to stay ahead of throwup, clothing and diaper changes and the general chaos of not sleeping from 3 am on...sigh...

Maybe next week.


Sarabeth Hudson said...

I started reading your blog today (Sunday) and thinking, "I swear I didn't see her yesterday at Amy's celebration! Am I going crazy??? (which by the way is likely these days!)" Then I saw your update. Yuck. I'm sorry your plans didn't work out. I hope he is feeling better quickly and you have a happy mother's day. <3

Samantha said...

There is some sort of Murphy's Law about date nights and sick kids!

Sorry your night got post-poned, and hope Mr. Jay is feeling better (and that it doesn't spread!).