Friday, February 08, 2008

Yes, it IS a new format…

I wanted a more gallery-like blog…

For all the picture I post…I thought maybe the green was affecting my pictures…like somehow I’m a fabulous photographer – HA HA!!!…but seriously, when you don’t take the greatest pictures in the world in the first place, the back-ground shouldn’t detract further, right? I’ll be posting some new links by the end of the weekend too.

Speaking of pictures, I have the pics of Jay on his first day of school, but he’s been a sick little boy and so I’ve had zero time to actually do anything besides hold him in my lap and enjoy the moments of pure love and cuddling that can only happen when a boy is sick.

Speaking of Jay, he’s been talking and talking and talking…he was already VERY verbal, but it seems like he adds a new word or two every day. This week we’ve gotten:

Aun’Elly (Aunt Kelly)
RRRRRAAAAAHHHHHRRRR (what does a lion say)
AHN – A – PEE – SHE – DEE – EEE – HEFF – AAHF (this is what his little alphabet learning tools do)
TURTEE (turkey)
MAMAMAMAMAMAMBASHISS (My, my, my, my, my boogie shoes as in KC and the Sunshine Band)

Speaking of KC and the Sunshine band…mmmmmmm…..wellllll...

Peace, everyone!

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Gina said...

Beautiful format. I love the new look! How precious...Jay is talking. Time to load up more video : )
Okay, what did I miss...Jay...first day of school?