Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sick day “fun”

I spent my entire weekend and Monday and Tuesday sick with the first illness brought home by Jay from school…

In honor of my four days on my butt…here are some sick day “fun” things:

BEST sick movie: You’ve Got Mail or Sleepless in Seattle – If you’ve seen it at least once, you can drift in and out as you nap and still know what's going on. If you set the movie to repeat over and over again you might actually see the entire movie, just not in chronological order.

WORST sick movie: Dukes of Hazard. I STILL want my two hours back…even though the two hours were miserable. Also, Terminator, Rambo, the Bourne Movies, the Harry Potter movies…pretty much anything that is really dramatic. Seriously…you won’t get any rest.

BEST sick TV: Monk marathon, Stargate marathon, Psych marathon or some such marathon. This is TV that is kinda funny, interesting enough, the good guy always wins and there is nothing so dramatic that the back-ground music would wake you if you’ve happened to drift off. OR the cooking channel. And if you have kids – Curious George…there is no annoying music in Curious George, just a soothing narrator and a charming life lesson.

WORST sick TV: Law and Order, Crossing Jordan or any other crime drama as well as soaps. You cannot rest when you HAVE to pay attention to the plot.

BEST sick meal: Soup, crackers, oranges or other fruit, sugar free popsicles and hot tea…lots of fluids, soothing tastes, no guilt.

WORST sick meal: Full sugar soda, full sugar popsicles, fruit juice, toast with butter. Too many calories, too much guilt. Who wants to be sick and then feel guilty for not eating right on top of it?

BEST sick activity: Magazines. No investment, short articles, not too much to think about. OR Books on tape – which are especially good if you can’t LOOK at something but staring at the back of your eyelids makes you want to call 911 just to ease your boredom.

WORST sick activity: Reading a novel. OR caring for your nearly-healthy-and-hyper-due-to-his-cough-medicine child all by yourself. Too much thought, too much concentration, too much effort.

BEST sound: Silencio, nada, nicht, nothing...

WORST sound: this is a toss up…crying child or ringing phone.

Thankfully, we are all on the mend. Jay is pretty much back to normal. Scott is convinced he has Gremlins. I’m somewhere in the middle.

Oh, and PS, still have not updated my links or posted the 1st day of school pics...sigh...sometimes you just have to go with the flow, right?

Blessings and Peace, everyone!


MaryC said...

Sorry you have been sick, but it made a very fun blog entry.
I agree with you synopsis by the way.
Hope you are all better soon.

Gina said...

I'm so impressed at how funny you can be while sick. I hope you all feel much better and are up having fun soon.