Monday, February 18, 2008

Pigs, School, Skills and Hugs.

Well...finally, I'm putting up the pictures...

Don't mind me if I drift off...The hubby and I are still on the mend...whew, this cold takes a lot out of you!

First on the agenda today - the Pig.

This is Petunia Pig...she is handmade by Grandpa Steve...she came complete with her own story (as any good pig should!)...she eats quarters...and she is obviously loved. Can you tell?

This is my big boy on his first day of school with this new big boy shoes and his new Superman Backpack. If you look closely, you will see that Daddy is holding him up. hmmmm...maybe the pack is a little too heavy?

This is Miss Debbie...Jayden LOVES Miss Debbie...or, has he says, "Deddie? Deddie?" He goes to a Christian Academy for Pre-school. Lately, he has added a couple of new words to his vocabulary - Babble...and Cheeses...I'm thinking he means Bible and Jesus...or...he could mean just what he says...Who knows?

Here, the boy is taking a rest after practicing his favorite new skill - climbing. In this photo, he has climed on the seat of his chair (the blue object there in front), over the back of the chair and onto the end table. Where, good little man, he has chosen a great Bible study to spend some time with.

And, perhaps the cutest thing EVER, Jayden giving Buddy the Dog a very joyful Valentine's Buddy's request of course!

Peace, ya'll!


Samantha said...

Awwww, he is just too cute! And I think perhaps the backpack is just a bit big, but he'll grow into it =)

Hanna pronounced Jesus with a hard g sound - like Geezus - for at least a year and it always made me laugh.

karen said...

he's so beautiful!

MaryC said...

How stinking cute is that boy? I love it when they try so hard to say stuff and it comes out all crazy.
Ty has that same doggy but it doesn't look that clean anymore. He carries it everywhere.