Saturday, February 02, 2008

Catching up - the Scrap Crap Shopping Tour

Last weekend at this time, I went on wonderful little scrapbooking journey.

Berta, Debbie and I went on a “local” store tour with my Christmas gift card (THANKS MOM AND DAD!) and had a girls day of shopping and much, much, much, much coffee drinking…did I say much? Anyway…

On the tour was Scrap Shack in Mooresville . This is the cutest little store and has a really great product mix and SUPER friendly staff…It was the GREATEST way to begin our day (after two Starbucks, of course…yes…I said TWO!) We were ahead of schedule at this point in our trip and so were actually waiting for the store to open – Does anyone remember the Mervyn’s commercials? OPEN OPEN OPEN

Next was a place called Stamper’s Alley also in Mooresville… this is a WHOAH store if you are NOT into stamping for purposes other than scrapbooking…I had NO idea how many things there were for stamping in the world…it is literally wall to wall stamping.

Next was one of the biggest stores I’ve ever seen – Enchanted Cottage in Lewisville. This store actually made me glassy eyed…which is a bit of a surprise. I got a little stunned at the mere selection. This store has so much stuff that it is impossible to even see it all…They are the first store I’ve visited that had the Creative Café set-up…literally a candy-store style set up of supplies.

We did a fourth store, but, honestly, they were very expensive a more than a little rude…except for ONE girl…so I will not even mention them here. Suffice it to say I will not go back…

Anyway…on to the haul…I had a $100 gift card…and I’m happy to say I spent a mere $5.64 cents over my gift card and got QUITE a bit of stuff…it was worth EVERY penny…

Some random things to finish a few layouts – Cookie Monster, Heidi date stamp, some Christmas things, and a pack of super cute Bo Bunny decorative brad:;

I bought some things for a special project: Karen Russell and some Doodlebug:

I got some things for Valentine cards: Bo Bunny, more Karen Russell and a little Queen and Company felt:

I found that I grabbed a series of things in the same color scheme without even meaning to…wonderful how a brain can work, huh? A few of the Creative Café things (The buttons you buy by the SCOOP, any color, any mix you want and most of the rest you buy by size…there is a little size chart and you just pull from color-matched candy jars…totally cool..AND they have the neatest labels and journal spots), along with some Scenic Route, more Queen and Co felt and some KI lace paper:

Some AMM finishing touches for papers I already have and a few more of those beautiful lace papers (I love this stuff!):

And the coolest find of the day – EK Success Bookworks pieces..if you haven’t seen these they are so cool…it’s a series of things you can make into your own book, all pre-punched. There are different sized covers, inserts, pages, overlays, paper ribbon, labels…you name it:

Today is the boy's first day of school...more on that later.

Peace, Everyone!


Samantha said...

I visited a store this weekend that had the whole Creative Cafe set up, and I honestly asked if I could just buy the whole thing. It was so inviting and inspiring!

Have fun with the new scrappy goodness =)

karen said...

I'm so jealous!!! CJ hasn't gotten anything new in ages.
I drive to Oasis most of the sad!

miss you!