Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome 2008

Let me get honest…

I’m rather glad 2007 has now gone away…

It wasn’t my best year…in fact it ranks only second to 1997 in the crazy-rotten category, which, if you know me, was probably the worst year of my life.

Its been a challenging year…a year of dreams dreamed but left unfulfilled, no focus and no time on my creative side, hard realities and hard work to fulfill our goal of being debt free, challenges with being a working mom who really doesn’t sleep and has far too many spinning plates, starts and stops with our marriage – lots of them, all of which had us really struggling to find and focus on why we are married and how to get past it all, and, honestly, a bit of depression over all the things that seemed to loom before me.

2007 was a year of growth and challenge, to be sure…but it was also a year of desperation. I’ve always had the strength to muscle through, to bear whatever came my way and find a way to work it all out, to give things in faith to Christ and let HIM work it out, to be focused on what is in front of me and to count my blessings. This year, though…I lost the will to do any of that and let my year sort of run me over! It was most definitely a year spent drifting, wishing, longing, praying, searching for the connection I know I am missing in my life.

But…its over

And somehow, the dawning of 2008 feels bright. Once again I can focus on possibility

I’ve been an avid reader of Ali Edwards for some time…she wrote THIS , THIS , and THIS about one little word…

I’ve previously been inspired by the concept, but not actually embraced it as my own…until now…

For 2008, my one little word is renew.

Renew my relationships with Christ, my husband, friends and family.

Renew my commitment to myself, my health, my creativity, my own mental stability.

Renew my ambition to grow and learn.

Renew my passions for helping others, creating a cozy home, and fostering an environment for Jay that nourishes his mind, body, soul and spirit.

Renew my mind, embrace the life that God has given me, and make it a light to the world…

These things all have attached goals, things that I want to accomplish, habits I want to break and/or build, places I want to erect boundaries so that I don’t lose myself again. But there will be more on that later this week.


Welcome 2008!!

Peace, everyone!

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MaryC said...

Felecia, that is a very good word. I think it is perfect for you. I have been trying to decide a word myself. I'll let you know.
Blessings, G/F.