Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Just finished this:

GREAT book…but I warn you, it will rip your guts out in places. I had to read it in measured doses.

Been reading this…

If you are into historical fiction and are interested in Kings, Queens, Princesses and the intrigue of court, this is a great little read.

And also this:

Have I mentioned that I love Sting? Seriously, ladies...who doesn't love Sting? He does a fantastic job of giving just the right amount of detail about each set of lyrics. Each one is like a peek into his day at that time. As a lyricist and a Sting fan, I am just eating this up!

Suzy Plantamura is fast becoming one of my all-time fave scrappers…Like fabulous Besty , she has that lovely layering technique that is so eye-catching and lush…Betsy and Suzy have different styles, but they both layer in a way that leaves me weak in the scrapbooking knees…

Anyway…Suzy has THIS posted on her blog…a fabulous project with an acrylic album.

My fabulous Secret Santa gave me an acrylic album…I’m thinking I might attempt something similar (only not in pink…I have no use for anything pink!)

Fifty Percent League is another inspiration today…I aspire to be in a place in life where I can seriously devote more of my income to helping others. Not that I want to make so much more that I can do this, but that I want to be debt-free and seriously living on less.

When you’ve had enough of murder, mayhem, carjacking and bad weather, there is the Good News Network. I love this site…its such a refreshing change…


from this artist . I love her jesters, too. She has a wonderfully colorful and playful style. If you have a few moments, go to her flikr link posted in her shop and take a look at the butterfly. Its hysterical!

And finally, this amazing studio (click on the link to see the rest...its seriously beautiful!)

I aspire to both the gorgeous studio and the gorgeous VIEW!

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