Tuesday, January 29, 2008


aka…walking it out…

I realized that my choosing the word “renew” as my word for the year was going to be pivotal for my life this year. In discussing last year and my word choice for this year with Chaplain Mike, he pointed out that my plan was really to get back to basics…

Little did I know…

It seems like God, in His amazing wisdom, has placed before me several things that are HUGE, require focused attention for long periods of time and that are, in a sense, menial…

I’ve been a person in this life who could understand quickly, produce quickly, zoom through things in an organized fashion and come out on the other side fully aware of the details, fully aware of all that had been accomplished.

However, it seems this year will be about PROCESS…going through each step, carefully, consciously, and with a methodic plodding that I’m just not that used to.

As is always the case, God is working things out in me…having joy and faith in the face of something that I have to do, but don’t LIKE that I have to do, experiencing the moments as they pass, enjoying the journey one step at a time, recognizing that the process is more important than the results in many cases.

Most of all, though, I really believe that God is moving me from the instant gratification of His touch on my life – the fast and miraculous events He has brought to pass thus far – to a place where we meet on an everyday, every moment level.

I’m equating it to that first rush of new love vs. the long-term, trusting relationship of a marriage. God is moving me to that place where spiritual waters run deeper…

And I’m walking it out in my every day life…

I’ve got a huge documentation project at work…which will lead to another huge documentation project…which will lead to a testing, training, roll-out and yet another huge documentation project. It has hard deadlines, lots of work to be done and no way around it…only THROUGH it…so…I have to work it one step at a time, go through the process, walk it out.

In my zeal to make differences in our home this year, I’ve embarked on the planning for two projects that will take up lots of time…and again…have to be walked out one thing at a time.

For starters, I have to get some of the junk out of my studio and get back to the organized studio I’m used to. I’m more productive, more creative and happier when I’m not sorting and digging to find what I know I have. The initial project was to re-organize my ribbon…simple, no? NO! I started two weeks ago and I’m still working on it. My plan involves cleaning out my paper, reorganizing embellishments, adding storage, painting and re-arranging my space to be more conducive to my creative soul…and it is going to take TIME!

I’m also planning for the play room…I’ve got my sketches done, I’ve shopped for the components so I know what we will be spending. Now I just have to plan the time to do the work.

God is even presenting me with process through my Bible study. Our church is on a plan this year to read through the Bible together. It’s a commitment to read the chapters each day and a commitment to do so with a want-to heart instead of a have-to heart. Yet, even in this, God is revealing Himself and showing me what a long term relationship with Him is like, what it requires, the rewards and the peace that come with “marrying” myself to Him.

The process is the point…

There is so much power in this one little statement. Because I know that He is getting me ready, one step, one moment, one experience at a time for what is yet to come.

Peace, everyone!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Who Knew and Hubby Tag

Have this on my mind and in my heart and my mouth today…for some reason, I woke up with Pink in my brain and she's never left:

You took my hand
You showed me how
You promised me you'd be around
Uh huh
That's right
I took your words
And I believed
In everything
You said to me
Yeah huh
That's right

If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Cause they're all wrong
I knew better
Cause you said forever
And ever
Who knew

Remember when we were such fools
And so convinced and just too cool
Oh no
No no
I wish I could touch you again
I wish I could still call you friend
I'd give anything

When someone said count your blessings now
'fore they're long gone
I guess I just didn't know how
I was all wrong
They knew better
Still you said forever
And ever
Who knew

I'll keep you locked in my head
Until we meet again
Until we
Until we meet again
And I won't forget you my friend
What happened

If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Cause they're all wrong and
That last kiss
I'll cherish
Until we meet again
And time makes
It harder
I wish I could remember
But I keep
Your memory
You visit me in my sleep
My darling
Who knew

Saw this on Suzy Plantamura’s Blog and thought it was so cute…so…

Hubby Tag –

What's his name? Scott

How long did you date? A little under 2 years

How old is he? 38

Who eats more? Um…him…slightly…

Who said "I love you" first? Wow…I don’t remember…

Who is taller? Scott is by a few inches

Who sings better? DEFINITELY ME!!! (hey, I DO have a degree in music!)

Who is smarter? Hmmmm…well…that sort of depends on what we are talking about…He’s a genius in his way and I’m a genius in mine.

Who does the laundry? That would be ME…because we like everything to stay the same color and size it started out.

Who does the dishes? Him mostly (its his “job”)

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Um…right from the head of the bed or right from the foot?

Who pays the bills? Him for the things that are not automatically taken out of our accounts.

Who mows the lawn? Yea…him.

Who fixes broken things? Depends on what is broken…although he has both a knack and a love for tinkering with stuff until he figures it out and fixes it.

Who cooks dinner? Me, mostly.

Who drives when you are together? Him

Who is more stubborn? Again, this depends on what we are talking about. (although I'm certain he'd say me)

Who kissed who first? Mmmmm…He kissed me…In the parking lot behind the bank across from the coffee house after the movie on our first REAL date.

Who asked who out first? He asked me out for coffee.
Who proposed? HIM! On his knees in the jewelry store immediately after the ring purchase.

Who is more sensitive? Definitely me.

Who has more friends? Some are his, some are mine, some we share...

Who has more siblings? Me...although I only have one.

Who wears the pants in the family? Jayden…Jay is TOTALLY in charge!

Peace, everyone!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Hair Cut

BEFORE: (look at those crazy curls!!!)




Peace, everyone!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Just finished this:

GREAT book…but I warn you, it will rip your guts out in places. I had to read it in measured doses.

Been reading this…

If you are into historical fiction and are interested in Kings, Queens, Princesses and the intrigue of court, this is a great little read.

And also this:

Have I mentioned that I love Sting? Seriously, ladies...who doesn't love Sting? He does a fantastic job of giving just the right amount of detail about each set of lyrics. Each one is like a peek into his day at that time. As a lyricist and a Sting fan, I am just eating this up!

Suzy Plantamura is fast becoming one of my all-time fave scrappers…Like fabulous Besty , she has that lovely layering technique that is so eye-catching and lush…Betsy and Suzy have different styles, but they both layer in a way that leaves me weak in the scrapbooking knees…

Anyway…Suzy has THIS posted on her blog…a fabulous project with an acrylic album.

My fabulous Secret Santa gave me an acrylic album…I’m thinking I might attempt something similar (only not in pink…I have no use for anything pink!)

Fifty Percent League is another inspiration today…I aspire to be in a place in life where I can seriously devote more of my income to helping others. Not that I want to make so much more that I can do this, but that I want to be debt-free and seriously living on less.

When you’ve had enough of murder, mayhem, carjacking and bad weather, there is the Good News Network. I love this site…its such a refreshing change…


from this artist . I love her jesters, too. She has a wonderfully colorful and playful style. If you have a few moments, go to her flikr link posted in her shop and take a look at the butterfly. Its hysterical!

And finally, this amazing studio (click on the link to see the rest...its seriously beautiful!)

I aspire to both the gorgeous studio and the gorgeous VIEW!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Renewal 2008

Renewal of my Health:

Move - A walk, the core routine, dancing, combat training…something for 30 minutes as close to every day as I can get.

Eat in balance – no more processed food, no more fast food, more protein and veggies..a focused approach to eating in balance without deprivation and far greater variety in my choices.

Water – 1 oz minimum for ever pound of body weight I carry…this should be interesting.

Sleep – 8 hours every night or as close as I can get.

Renewal of my Creativity:

1 Risk a Week –These can be small or large, but must be something outside of my comfort zone.

Journal – May be hand-written or blogging, but as Jay grows and our family changes, I want to keep track of my thoughts and feelings.

One scrapbook layout a week – yes…52 layouts this year

Creative Christmas gifts – plan, learn, create as many hand-made Christmas gifts as possible.

Renewal of my Relationships:

With God – get into Scriptures and truly study daily

With Scott – Focus on what is going right and not on what is going wrong. Praise and appreciation at every opportunity. Practice gratitude for Scott!

With friends and family – Take the time, create opportunities to let people know I care and that I am thinking about them. Whether it be picking up the phone, sending e-mails, whatever.

Renewal in my Home:

Simplify – Clean out the clutter – the things in the garage, the closets, the attic, our offices. I’m ready to organize one room, one space at a time. Make a list of what needs attention and do not delay getting down to business.

Improve - Some kind of improvement once a month to our home. For starters – embrace the playroom – paint, decorate and re-purpose the room appropriately. Jay deserves more than an “afterthought” playroom.

Menus and cleaning – I will not win the tug-of-war with Scott over this. Do the menus, do the cleaning and let the chips fall where they may.

So...there you have it....my 2008 plan of action...viva 2008!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome 2008

Let me get honest…

I’m rather glad 2007 has now gone away…

It wasn’t my best year…in fact it ranks only second to 1997 in the crazy-rotten category, which, if you know me, was probably the worst year of my life.

Its been a challenging year…a year of dreams dreamed but left unfulfilled, no focus and no time on my creative side, hard realities and hard work to fulfill our goal of being debt free, challenges with being a working mom who really doesn’t sleep and has far too many spinning plates, starts and stops with our marriage – lots of them, all of which had us really struggling to find and focus on why we are married and how to get past it all, and, honestly, a bit of depression over all the things that seemed to loom before me.

2007 was a year of growth and challenge, to be sure…but it was also a year of desperation. I’ve always had the strength to muscle through, to bear whatever came my way and find a way to work it all out, to give things in faith to Christ and let HIM work it out, to be focused on what is in front of me and to count my blessings. This year, though…I lost the will to do any of that and let my year sort of run me over! It was most definitely a year spent drifting, wishing, longing, praying, searching for the connection I know I am missing in my life.

But…its over

And somehow, the dawning of 2008 feels bright. Once again I can focus on possibility

I’ve been an avid reader of Ali Edwards for some time…she wrote THIS , THIS , and THIS about one little word…

I’ve previously been inspired by the concept, but not actually embraced it as my own…until now…

For 2008, my one little word is renew.

Renew my relationships with Christ, my husband, friends and family.

Renew my commitment to myself, my health, my creativity, my own mental stability.

Renew my ambition to grow and learn.

Renew my passions for helping others, creating a cozy home, and fostering an environment for Jay that nourishes his mind, body, soul and spirit.

Renew my mind, embrace the life that God has given me, and make it a light to the world…

These things all have attached goals, things that I want to accomplish, habits I want to break and/or build, places I want to erect boundaries so that I don’t lose myself again. But there will be more on that later this week.


Welcome 2008!!

Peace, everyone!