Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Joy of the Day…

Today, these are the things making me happy:

#1 THIS MOVIE is now a go…and I’m SO happy about it! Although, Jay will be 4 years old when the first movie is released…mmmmm…maybe this will be his indoctrination into my life-long love of Tolkien.

#2 The word du jour for Jay is “HEWOOOHHH?” with a little cell phone attached to his ear. I wish I could accurately convey how cute it is…and hysterical.

#3 This holiday Polo I got at Children’s place for $7!!! I love that my son will have on a little holiday outfit and that it won’t cost me a fortune!

#4 We are going to dinner and the Bobcats game tonight…love a little outing!

Peace, everyone!


MaryC said...

I just LOVE baby talk. I hope you record it. Put it on one of those scrapbook talk boxes and do a layout after the hubbub is over.

Anonymous said...

email me your address please!!