Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Before & After, New Skill and Christmas Fun

To get things started, cuz I’ve been gone so much, some fun Jay stuff:

Thanksgiving – Before the cranberries:

And After:

Christmas hat 2006:

And 2007:

For good measure, this was the Bug’s first Christmas cookie…he enjoyed it thoroughly.

And, I’m so proud to report, he is very good at sharing his Christmas bounty…

He gave the dog nearly ½ of the cookie MOST willingly and with a huge smile!

And our little boy has gained a new skill…brought on specifically by the desire to reach the Christmas tree, which has been gated…

So…at 14 months…

And with SIGNIFICANT determination and attitude…

Drum roll please…

I give you…

Our little climber (everyone cheer…cuz he LOVES it when you cheer for him!):

The step ladder:

The Christmas ornament boxes:

And the WAGON ON ITS SIDE, when all else was made unavailable to him:

The Christmas season is upon us…I decided that the majority if not all of our gifts would be handmade. Some of them I made my self and others I’ve purchased through etsy and other sources. I’ve found the BEST things…can’t really show a lot right now, because the recipients might see…but I can show you the things for the little one’s that I’ve gotten. Just click on the links below.

Some things I found there:

superhero cape

little red riding hood cape

child-sized messenger bag

chalk place mat

crayon roll

And that is just the awesome things I got for the kiddos!

We did some volunteering at church for Project Angel Tree this year. It was FABULOUS! I was in a HUGE room surrounded by toy after toy after toy. The number of toys and the number of volunteer was really significant. Though I was working in a comfortable room with other church members, it was really an amazing and life-altering experience. I absolutely love volunteering!

I’ve got more Christmas-y things to post…but we’ll start that tomorrow!


Sam said...

Oooh climbing - because walking isn't scary enough! That smile of his is just contagious =)

I found superhero capes kind of like that about five years ago in Utah at the Quilted Bear and they have been favorite dress up pieces ever since.

MaryC said...

WOW! Your little one is ambitious!
Cute too.
I am loving the chalk place mat. I wish I knew how they did that.

Gina said...

I know what it's like to have a climber. It's funny, we did the same thing to our tree one year, using that very same gate! Your homemade gift selections are great. Much better than what you can find at any store. I'll have to try that next year.

Anonymous said...

awww that's cute!

what a big boy he is becoming.

Enjoy this - everything is magical and it's so much more fun to witness it with children :)

ps--why can't I sign in??