Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hello, Mojo????

I’ve apparently lost my scrapping mojo… I was thinking of popping in a video last night and doing some paper crafting, but after preparing dinner and cleaning up the kitchen, I found I had about zero energy to apply to the task…so…I gave Jay a bath and put us both to bed.

I just cannot seem to find my normal creative energy this week. I think I hit responsibility overload – you know…the I’ve-got-10-thousand-things-to-do-there-isn’t-enough-time-or-mony-in-the-world-to-accomplish-all-this-I-can’t-believ-its-only-6-weeks-until-Christmas-why-doesn-the-baby-sleep-through-the-night burnout.

So…I went looking for things that inspired and pleased me…

And in the process, completely overhauled and updated my links over there---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

The following really captured my interest today for whatever reason…please note: they may not be interesting at all…but they did capture my wayward attention:

THIS new creation from Ali really inspired me!

I don’t really do the witch thing on Halloween, but I just thought this was the greatest Girl’s Night Out” idea: Bewitching.

These are three really cool organization sites…I love them all. I’m thinking that the craft memo site will be one I will use:

Org Junkie

Craft memo

Back Pack It

I have my eye on these little things right now:

Sonda Tadlock is having an especially wonderful stamp raffle if you are into the stamping…check out HER BLOG for details. I totally covet the goodies she has in this raffle.

I was COMPLETELY inspired by my new friend Katherine…she and I did a Bible study on Tuesday that has had me thinking ever since about conversions, recognizing God immediately and dropping everything to follow him! I have been pondering on my faith, my willingness to lead where He follows, my ability to entrust the things of my world to God for safekeeping and resolution.

And one final inspiration from Captain Kangaroo: "If you want more time in your life, don't watch TV."

(Um….yea…that isn’t really working for me so far…I watch less tv…but still have NO MORE TIME!)

Peace, everyone!


MaryC said...

Oh, you still have's just doing other stuff right now. Love your blog g/f.
BTW, I am also a blond to red convert. :)

Gina said...

Love the Backpack link. Off to explore the sidebar...

amazing grace said...

can't believe your little one is "1!!!" Wow!!!

cute cake you made and you look like you have been busy, busy--making all sorts of fun stuff!


Betsy V said...

How's the mojo? Has it come back yet??? :-D