Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I am SO FIRED!!!

As a blogger, I mean…As a mom, worker and wife, I’m hitting the marks…as a scrapper, blogger and artist…sigh…I just really need a few more hours in the day….do they sell hours on ebay?

Truly…has it been a month?!?!??!


First of all…my bug is ONE!!!


We had a great party – SO many blessings for this little boy. He was the greatest kid…no nap, all that excitement and stimulation, and literally everyone wanting his attention. He was a real trooper, though…smiled and toddled his way through it with very little drama.

He didn’t really like cake…too sweet, I think. He touched it and played with it but spit every last bit of it out!

Hopefully, this is a trend we can continue for some time with sweet stuff…other than fruit and cinnamon bread, he doesn’t really have a taste for sweet stuff.

He’s grown so much, I can hardly believe it!

We had all the family here for our party…Grandparents, Jay’s one an only Aunt Kellie, Scott’s Aunt Sue and GG – Great Grandma!!! It was busy and delightful and exhausting. I LOVED having my family in the house…I wished more than one time while they were here that they were closer. Can’t you please all move closer??? PLEASE!?!?!?! (Yes, this is me begging!)

Last weekend, we went to the pumpkin patch. Not really a pick-your-own. I’m having difficulty finding one of those here in NC that is a reasonable distance away. We went to a place that had all kinds of “sets” for pictures and loads of pumpkins laying out on the ground. He was pretty happy to just wander (sprint!) through the piles and touch and explore. It was fun for us to watch him explore and try new things.

Today, I begin a new Life Group. I’m so excited to see how God is going to bring together different women and work in their lives. Its truly exciting for me to see the process unfold and to be praying for each of the women who will be a part. In so many ways, I feel completely inadequate to this task…which, I think, is why God has me right here. Its time for me to really let go and watch Him work…I’m just here to organize the meetings…lol..

Hopefully, I’ll have some new scrapping things to show you after this week….My friend Sam sent me a really cute Book Worm paper piecing (Hi, Sam!!! I got it!!! Thank you SO MUCH!). She does amazing layouts you can see right here.

Well…on that note, I’m off on the adventure of the day…Paperwork! WOOHOO!

Peace, ya’ll!