Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fun Stuff:

Us over the weekend:

The Cove:

The Grove Park Inn:

Downtown Ashville:

And some of the boy:

Intense little stare:

A conversation with his current favorite friends:

And doing what he loves to do most:


Gina said...

That first picture of Jayden -- oh just dreamy. Look at that face. And, I had never seen S. before! What a sweet couple you make. Those pictures make me homesick for NC -- and oh to have a fall. Looks like a wonderful time.

Sam said...

Wow, wow, wow! Trees. With leaves that change color (sorry, I'm feeling my annual I-wish-Fall-came-to-Florida pity party). Gorgeous.

And is that a camo onesie on Mr. J? Too cute. Also loving that little curl in the one picture. I miss baby curls :)