Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pleasant alternative…

I was reading Rebecca Sower’s blog where she quoted some things from this book:

One of the things she quoted was this:

"think of appreciation as a pleasant alternative to ownership"

My response to her blog was:

This struck such a chord with me.

I have shared once before the active (aggressive?) position I took some time ago to empty my life of the meaningless clutter and to really focus on what I need, on how my life had gotten a bit austere in the process.

I'm so struck by this because I have emptied my life of those things that I do not NEED and often find myself coveting things that others have. I find myself wishing I had this or that possession in my life...

Understanding intellectually that coveting another person's life is destructive doesn't always translate to a heart that longs for certain things. And the cylce of coveting often finds its way back to "here I am and it is what it is" with a disdainful attitude.

If I step back for one moment, I realize how amazing my life amazing God's gifts to me have been...and gratitude is renewed. The key is that I have to remind myself to step back.

The thought of appreciating and being a good steward over what I have been gifted with is an immensely more rewarding thought than that of owning and the burdens of caring for what you own. It also instantly increases the value of this life I have chosen not to clutter with things I do not love, use or need.

When viewed from a perspective of appreciation, its a life of space and light.

And fewer things to dust!

I find myself very focused on this issue of having and having not and having too much and wanting to have everything. Many a blog entry has been placed here about finding a simpler life...a life of quality, not quantity...a life filled with things I love instead of things the media and the culture tell me I need.

There simply has to be a less expensive, more sane, simpler way to live a life that is rewarding and full without being full of disposable stuff.

I want to read this book.

After reading the Art of Possibility, I feel like this will be a wonderful expansive read. I’ll be checking in.

Peace, ya’ll!

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Gina said...

Sounds like a beautiful read. In such a wealth-saturated place like OC it is easy to lose this focus. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the book.