Monday, July 02, 2007

Listmania, communication, and cruisin’

I have listmania – that thing I get where I get ultra-into checking things off a list.

If it’s not on the list it doesn’t get recognized, purchased or completed.

I love that…

Of course, I’ve heard there should never be any more than 10 items on your “to do” list at any one time. THIS is obviously a statement made by a man. Because no sensible mother, especially not a sensible WORKING mother, would have only 10 things on the list.

And besides its fun the tick them off and say “WAHOO….DONE!”

Jay has started to say “AAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY” (think YEAAAAAAAA!) with his little expectant smile and his eyebrows up. The PROPER response, of course, is to give him your hands so he can grab your thumbs and clap your hands for you. Then we all say “YEAAAAAA!!!”

So…beyond the crying when he wants out of the crib, the uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-huh when you ask if he wants food or milk, the grunting that is a side-effect of crawling and pulling one-self up on furniture and the mamamababababadadadadalalalalala that apparently means “I like this banana and rice cereal combo.” THIS is his FIRST TRUE communication with us. He makes his demands known and fully expects a specific response from us…how Blessed are we that his first mimicry-communication is our special way of celebrating. (We clap our hands and say YYYEEEEAAAAAAA!!!!! every time he does something cute or smart…or if he falls down – to which we clap, cheer and say “Jay you are a good faller-downer!”)

Along with this, his new favorite song is apparently “If you’re happy and you know it.” I’m sure the connection is obvious…

He’s still trying to grasp the concept that his own hands clap. We’re working on this one. So far, our hands are required for the clapping.

And finally, we now have a CRUISER!!!

On Saturday morning, he was pulling himself up on the coffee table as usual…and noticed a lovely remote full of very pushable buttons…and took two little side steps before falling flat on his bum…(YEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!! Clap clap). He tried the same maneuver several times over the course of the weekend.

By Sunday he was doing laps around the table…sort of…he gets a good three or four steps into it and tumbles (YEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!! Clap clap). And then pulls himself back up and goes for it again.

He attempted the single-hand cruise a couple of times – because one hand was holding that blue donut from that peg game, of course…one simply cannot abandon the blue donut just to cruise.. He found out rather quickly that he does not yet have the skill to cruise one-handed. Not to say that he didn’t attempt it several times before tossing the donut aside and using both of his chubby little hands.

He also tried to climb the entertainment center.

To which Scott chortled, “I wouldn’t free climb that. You need to rope up!”


Ever so fun having a daredevil cruiser and a comedian living in one household.


Peace, Ya’ll

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Anonymous said...

Very Cleaver Post......

Need pictures of the cruising....

Will send picture of you doing that too.............

God Bless