Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I’ve been searching for inspiration…for something to fill the well. For things that will motivate me, lift me…give me that “AH HA!!!” sensation.

I’ve rather fallen in love with the idea of inspiration books. I’ve currently got two notebooks going…one with images and words in sort of a more random gathering method and a smaller one that I keep with me all the time where I take notes from sermons or conversations or random ideas or observations.

I’ve also been keeping sketches and pictures of ideas for my scrapbooking, my home, raising Jayden, etc.

My earnest wish for the moment is to be able to spread these things all out on the floor in my office and see what I really have.

My organized, compartmental, analyst brain wants to put these ideas in separate places…one notebook for house ideas, one notebook for Jayden ideas, one notebook for recipes, one notebook for those random things that inspire me, etc, etc, etc. Unfortunately, that tends to create clutter in my life where I certainly do not need any clutter.

My creative self has something else entirely in mind. My creative self wants these inspirations and ideas all in one book…one messy, haphazard, collage of the things that awaken me, with my notes and my musings, my arrows and circles and messy handwriting all about, noting what I like, what I don’t like, why its in my book. I think my creative self wants my eyes to really see how all the things that inspire me fit together, how they all work to make my style my style.

I believe I am becoming. I think our lives are a matter of discovering who we are, of unearthing the secrets that we are born with, that we are given by God as seeds tucked away in the deep recesses of our hearts. I believe firmly that we not only grow up, but we also grow into ourselves. But there is a catch…you have to seek after these things and in the right context. You have to shed things like pride and anger and hurt and all of that other negative stuff, you have to be open to truth and inspiration and joy. And most of all, you have to be open to the possibility that God created you to be creative and that He provides abundantly for your inspiration.

So, I’ve been seeking inspiration…so far, this morning, this is what I’ve found…Its all very superficial, I suppose. There are no great love stories in here at the moment…it is more an exercise in seeing and understanding what it is I love and why…

This inspires me because of its neatness…the cleanness…the gorgeous shade of blue…and the hand-drawn line is gorgeous simply because it is hand-drawn:

This inspires me for its neatness also, but also because it is old. The finish, the imperfections, the very aspect of imagining how it was once used and recognizing how much the world has changed…

This inspires me because of its remarkable art quality. It is lush and rich, layers of visual stimulus…and it’s a scrapbook page…fantastic.

This inspires me because of the emotion and nostalgia…this is something that we can all look at and feel…

This inspires me because of its vibrancy…it looks so fun!

This inspires me because I want to get ahold of it and write in it. And I find it such a clever way to recycle and re-purpose. It’s a really amazing concept! This particular one also inspires me to re-discover my urge to sell some of my own work, to find a way to use my art as a lifestyle instead of a hobby.

This is another one that inspires me because of its collage quality and the lushness of it. I just want to dig into it.

And this inspires me because its has that aged patina…and because I’m fascinated with clocks. I think that my obsession with time and organization is part of this fascination with clocks. I absolutely adore them…

The most striking thing this set of inspirations is the imperfections…I find the imperfections beautiful. Each of these is truly unique because of their deviations from perfection…how enlightening.

When I drive to work each day, I pass through several beautiful neighborhoods, past beautiful trees, gardens, homes and businesses. Each day, in its turn, brings something new. Now that I’ve traveled this route for a year, I’ve begun to see the cycle of the changes. It too is inspiring, how nature and the city and the people ebb and flow, work together to provide a landscape that is always interesting.

Inspirations are largely a matter of paying attention, of unearthing and revealing, of noticing what is the same in the things we notice and what is different…

I know that my son inspires me daily to live out loud. Lord knows one HAS to pay attention to a cute little baby. But I can safely say, I don’t think I’ve ever in my life sung so many silly songs and danced around my house so much. The very act of paying attention to him – and giving him my undivided attention – has opened up a part of me that was not normally open for everyone to see. I don’t care anymore that strangers hear me singing and talking to my son as I stroll through the grocery store. I’ve stopped taking that part of myself so seriously.

I find I must learn and grow and seek out inspirations outside my normal sphere of influence…and it is in this seeking that I find out who I am, that I discover those seeds that God has given me, those clues to my true self.

I encourage you to pay attention today, to seek, to be inspired…


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Sam said...

I have been feeling very devoid of inspiration lately - thanks so much for the fill-up and, um, well, inspiration :)