Tuesday, June 05, 2007


How silent it can be at 3:00 am. Its so quiet I don’t even want to breathe. I almost stayed awake to see who would break the silence first. But the quite enveloped me like a warm blanket, eased the tension out of my shoulders and the crease from between my eyes…and I fell asleep thinking, “How could it be that quiet???”

How healing it can be to sleep until 7 am instead of 5 am.

How hard this little guy of mine works to get to what he wants, to get around the way he wants, to communicate and to learn and to discover and to grow – all with a huge smile on his face and a little bounce, bounce, bounce.

How much you learn about how God loves us while raising a child. How many times over the last few months have I asked, “What is he doing?” and thought, “He’s not like that!” and mused, this is what it must be like for God growing us up as Christians. I am patient when he wants to walk – even though he cannot yet walk. I am patient when he pulls my hair – even while removing my locks from his tight little grip. I am patient when he awakens at night – just to be held and rocked back to sleep. I am patient when he wants to hold the spoon – and makes a pure mess of himself. I am patient when he wants me to pick him up and I want him to crawl and we have a little battle of the wills. And I am overwhelmed with love and joy when he turns his rambunctious, adventurous, care-to-the-wind little face up to me and smiles his pure bliss smile.

How much drama can be assigned to something that turns out to be very minor in real life.

How remarkable it is to have a new shirt or two in the wardrobe.

How good Hummus and schwerma and fresh pita taste when you haven’t had them in awhile. How even more refreshing they are when eaten outside in the lovely warm breeze surrounded by trees and old buildings and plenty of subjects for the eye.

How rewarding it is to get organized and to understand just what is and what isn’t on the list. How creativity can bloom when the “have to’s” are all out on paper in the order in which they need to be accomplished. Organization is so truly freeing!

Choosing to be a contribution today…

Choosing to give everyone an “A”

Choosing to remember not to take myself so seriously.

Choosing to remember its all made up!!!

Peace, everyone!!!

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