Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What? I have a Blog?

And other To Do’s…

So…This is my current to do list…

1. Finish the SOP for the Help Desk.
2. Status reports
3. Begin documenting for the Gate Review on the Bar Code project.
4. Document Route Ride notes
5. Call or E-mail Kat, Teri, Sareta and my sister.
6. Plan for 6/12 Bible Study
7. Make the baby’s 9 month check-up appointment
8. Finish Secret Pal gift
9. Wrap Dad’s presents and get them, along with the packages currently riding in the car, off to their recipients.
10. Walk or work out.

This is what I WISH it said:

1. Play with Jay
2. Spend time with Scott
3. Scrapbook
4. Play with Jay
5. Spend time with Scott
6. Cook Dinner
7. Scrapbook
8. Play with Jay
9. Spend time with Scott
10. Scrapbook


Jay has been a very busy boy…

My friends came from California and brought along a sun hat and sun glasses. This is Jay and Miss D ready to go out on the town.

The monkey has shrunk yet again – As you can see, he is shrinking dramatically with each shot now. Shortly after this shot was taken, he wrestled the monkey to the ground and gave him a great big kiss. I’m not sure how the monkey felt about it…

Jay is also teething…4 top teeth all at once seem to be making their way to the surface. The fruit/veggie holder is currently the ice cube holder. He seems to think it’s the best thing in the world. As always with my parenting, exercising the options until we find something that fits…

We did a little picture on our first mother’s day. Hopefully I can get one of these every year.

He has also taken up piano – ha! At least he LIKES the piano. Taking after momma…woo hoo!!!

Saw THIS on Donna’s blog:

LOVE it so far…LOVE the concept of possibilities. My most favorite practice so far: Be a contribution. I adore this idea of being a contribution…more on that later.

Been listening to THIS a lot this week:

I’m absolutely adoring the song Crashed.

What else, what else, what else?

I’m not sure…

I’m desperately in need of some creative time…the three day weekend gave me lots of rest time, but very little creative time. I guess I should have slept less and been in my scrap room more…hmmmm….

So excited – my sister says she is coming to visit…I can’t wait!!!

Tomorrow, I need to show you all my turtles!

Peace, ya’ll!!!


karen said...

girl...maybe your list should include a trip to cali to visit your old friend karen :)

hee hee hee

go visit Tara's blog today!

Gina said...

Love the hat! Adorable. I'm looking forward to hearing about the art of possibilities book. That sounds really interesting!