Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What? I have a Blog?

And other To Do’s…

So…This is my current to do list…

1. Finish the SOP for the Help Desk.
2. Status reports
3. Begin documenting for the Gate Review on the Bar Code project.
4. Document Route Ride notes
5. Call or E-mail Kat, Teri, Sareta and my sister.
6. Plan for 6/12 Bible Study
7. Make the baby’s 9 month check-up appointment
8. Finish Secret Pal gift
9. Wrap Dad’s presents and get them, along with the packages currently riding in the car, off to their recipients.
10. Walk or work out.

This is what I WISH it said:

1. Play with Jay
2. Spend time with Scott
3. Scrapbook
4. Play with Jay
5. Spend time with Scott
6. Cook Dinner
7. Scrapbook
8. Play with Jay
9. Spend time with Scott
10. Scrapbook


Jay has been a very busy boy…

My friends came from California and brought along a sun hat and sun glasses. This is Jay and Miss D ready to go out on the town.

The monkey has shrunk yet again – As you can see, he is shrinking dramatically with each shot now. Shortly after this shot was taken, he wrestled the monkey to the ground and gave him a great big kiss. I’m not sure how the monkey felt about it…

Jay is also teething…4 top teeth all at once seem to be making their way to the surface. The fruit/veggie holder is currently the ice cube holder. He seems to think it’s the best thing in the world. As always with my parenting, exercising the options until we find something that fits…

We did a little picture on our first mother’s day. Hopefully I can get one of these every year.

He has also taken up piano – ha! At least he LIKES the piano. Taking after momma…woo hoo!!!

Saw THIS on Donna’s blog:

LOVE it so far…LOVE the concept of possibilities. My most favorite practice so far: Be a contribution. I adore this idea of being a contribution…more on that later.

Been listening to THIS a lot this week:

I’m absolutely adoring the song Crashed.

What else, what else, what else?

I’m not sure…

I’m desperately in need of some creative time…the three day weekend gave me lots of rest time, but very little creative time. I guess I should have slept less and been in my scrap room more…hmmmm….

So excited – my sister says she is coming to visit…I can’t wait!!!

Tomorrow, I need to show you all my turtles!

Peace, ya’ll!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Random stuff…

My friend Karen tagged me!! I love tag…

SO…I’m supposed to tell you 7 random things about me…

1. I despise American Idol, but I love the artists that make it out and go on to do good music. Ok…maybe despise is a hard word…but to me it’s a creativity killing money machine and of no earthly good.

2. When I’m in desperate need of a sweet fix, I get a tablespoon of chocolate chips out of the freezer and eat them one at a time very slowly.

3. Its been 15 years since I graduated from college….way YIKES!!! If you’re counting that means that my 20 year high school reunion is next year…sigh…

4. To me, artificial sweeteners taste like the dentist office smells.

5. Sometimes I turn up the Praise and Worship music in my car and sing as loud as I can on the way home and I just do not care if you think I look weird!!!

6. Charles Dickens is probably my favorite fiction writer.

7. At my core, I am truly a geek – I like sci-fi, big words, political humor, books, the History Channel…notice I said “geek” and not “nerd” VERY different, these two things!

And I now, I get to tag YOU…

Sam , Gina , and a NEW commenter on my blog – Drea - who, by the way, has a number of beautiful blogs all handily tabbed for your perusal – consider yourself TAGGED!!!


While I’m on the subject of random things…found this somewhere…I think cuz my name is spelled differently, I didn’t really have a bunch of listings…still..its interesting.

Go to Google and type **your name** and the word “needs” and see what comes up…

PS…yes I DID click into these to make sure I was not the Felecia in question…obsessive???? Absolutely…I can totally admit it!!

Felecia needs some friends or something (no argument here…anyone here in North Carolina?)
Felecia needs a van with a wheelchair lift (Not exactly…but an SUV with a car seat in the back would be good)
Felecia needs to help us (I agree totally – who are you and what do you need my help with????)
Felecia needs a man in her life (nope…got two now…one big, one little, both adorable)
Felecia Needs a Cracker (mmmmm…yes…and some CHEESE)
Felecia needs to get rid of the whole sex kitten look (Yea…well…yea….)
Felecia needs to mature some and learn "high fashion" (I couldn’t agree more…of course, I’ll need a money tree)
Felecia needs to get wired – (for??????)
Felecia needs more of a neck. – (:::giggle:::)
Felecia wants you to take a closer look (yes I do…but not at me…I’m simply a sign post to the Savior!!!)

Sadly - NO WHERE could I find Felecia needs a Lexus, Felecia needs a massage or Felecia needs a cruise...bummer.

And one final thing…

“Always be joyful. Pray continually, and give thanks whatever happens. That is what God wants for you in Christ Jesus” (I Thessalonians 5:16-18 NCV).

Working on this…REALLY REALLY working on this….

Peace, everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Super fun…

After Grandma and Grandpa left, Jay just TOOK OFF! Don’t know if it was the extra stimulation, the break in his schedule, the different things we did to open up his world or what…BUT…he is now on his hands and knees – not crawling, just rocking and toppling over…but still on his hands and knees…

Or trying his hand at pushups…(check out those little toes!)

He also tried his hand at feeding himself.

And, because oatmeal with bananas is very sticky and tends to cling for all its worth to the spoon, he actually managed to get some in his mouth.

Did some scrapping…pictures of those pages to be posted later. Had a super fun time with new papers, some new Autumn Leaves stamps and some of the MANY pictures of Jay…Managed to get done a page about Jay’s first swing and the pages for when we found out he was a boy…I also did the ground work (waiting on pictures) for the day we found out we were pregnant and started a page called “FOCUS” with pictures of him totally absorbed in a toy. Not too bad for a few minutes here and there scrapbooking!!! (I usually have to do five minutes here and five minutes there interrupted by various baby activities. It’s a new way to power scrap!)

Found the COOLEST find at Costco: A 360 sheet paper pack of MME and Wild Asparagus papers. These are the papers, not the cardstocks, but they are the same designs and there are three of each. Total bargain at $13.99 – that’s less than 4 cents a sheet!!! WOO HOO!!!

And one parting shot…feet crossed, in full control of a remote…is that a boy or what???

Peace, ya’ll!!