Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Where the heck have I been?


I’ve been attempting to wrestle my list of things to do, my expectations and my needs into some form of balance. Once upon a time…when I was single and childless…my priorities were very easy to organize.

Post marriage, it became slightly more difficult to find balance…

Now with Jayden, I find my priorities have radically shifted…what was ok or even preferable once just isn’t any more. And that means that I’ve been trying to find a new way to focus my time and energy… new balance…

My power-of-one plan ended up looking like this:

One Bible Passage (per day)
One Just-For-Scott: (per week)
One Cleaning Task (per day) – and this one can’t be dishes or laundry or making the bed.
One Bit of Exercise (per day)
One Scrapbook Layout (per week)
One Book (Per Month)
ONLY One Lunch Out (Per Week)

THIS plan is to build better daily habits and to not drive myself crazy in the process. So…I focus on doing these things each day, week or month in an effort to mold the clay into a new and improved shape.

In terms of GOALS for this year, I’ve decided that Mary Kay Ash had it right when she said, “God First, Family Second, Work Third” In my world, work actually is a benefit to my family, so they run in very close competition and I find myself checking my tasks against my priorities fairly often. At any rate, I’ve got some goals in play too…milestones or achievements if you will…more on that later, perhaps…it really depends upon how much I choose to share or keep close to the vest.

Amazed that my SoCal friends experienced SNOW…you can read more about it on Karen’s Blog. I was reading about the California snow right about the same time I had to break my own flip-flops because it was in the 70’s here. Despite the fact that I am a California girl, the 70’s in January felt some how unnatural and, believe it or not, I have envy that they experienced some snow. I might not feel so great about it when we get our predicted freezing rain and ice tonight. Still I got a new wool coat last year and a new leather coat this year and I want to WEAR them!

Been giving some attention to Ali Edwards’ One Little Word challenge to find a word for the year. I think my word is going to be focus. I’m very interested in staying in the moment and not giving so much attention to what comes NEXT. I have been really longing to enjoy the here and now with some peace.

Did some scrapbooking over the weekend…a set of Valentines for a new secret pal swap I’m doing and a layout called BMD – which stands for Baby Melt Down. I’ll get pics up of this soon…I’ve taken them, just haven’t gotten my self around to posting them.

And finally, I’ve been spending as much time as I can with this adorable little creature.

He has discovered that toys DO things when he touches them, so he is very into some of his toys right now – mostly his floor gym, his bouncy and his car-seat toys…they don’t get away from him when he bats at them…sort of a captive audience, if you will. And for the last two days, he has been grabbing a hold of my shirt with his little hands and holding on when I carry him somewhere. I love that!!! I really am so in love with this little guy. As the commercial says: Who would have thought that the short bald guy would capture your attention!

Peace, everyone!!!

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Gina said...

What a precious bundle. He truly is a gorgeous little boy Felicia. I love the power of one idea. I kind of do this with ironing one of Rob's shirts a day, one load of laundry a day (just wait, yes, there's more to come).