Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post Holiday Let Down

At last, its over...

To be perfectly honest, I'm a little depressed.

I don't know if its because it all happened so fast...First Jayden, then recoving, then Thanksgiving, then back to work, then Christmas...

Or perhaps it could be that being away from my own family this year was especially hard...Hard because I now have a son of my own and I want him to be near both sets of grandparents, hard because they were just here and its been 10 years since my parents visited one of my homes, hard becuase my sister and parents were together but we weren't there.

Perhaps its becuase I felt a little bit like many of the people in my life were not really trying all that hard this year, sort of like it was a chore and not a pleasure for them, like they felt put out or bothered to do something for some one else.

Perhaps its becuase we didn't really go look at lights this year as we normally do, or that I didn't watch all my holiday movies as I normally do, or that I didn't listen to "A Christmas Carol" over and over again like I normally do.

Perhaps its because I feel as though I just put the last Christmas decoration up and now its nearly time to put them all away again.

At any rate, Christmas has now offically come and gone...and the clean up has begun, the "North Pole" wrapping room has been put away, I've started sorting the gifts, making the "Thank You" list and working on my "Power of One" plan for the new year.

Peace, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think you need to leave things up for a few more days and just sit and enjoy - maybe you will feel the smiles of your family. Picture them slowly watching all those pictures of your son - our grandson and nephew - and know that we too fell that same slight tinge of holiday let down for the very same reasons.

God Bless from the across the miles!!

karen said...

oh honey, I'm so sorry you're feeling a bit let down.

It's so hard to have expections of "the perfect christmas" only to have your hopes dashed a bit.

I've been there.

Enjoy that little bundle of joy--that's all that really matters. Besides, when you have kids, Christmas is EVERYDAY :)

Gina said...

Not having family could have a lot more to do with it than you think. I feel for you. Something about having your own kiddies and wanting to share. Holidays are always a crazy mix of emotions for me for that reason. It seems to zoom by faster each year too. Enjoy that precious Jayden and I hope so much you feel better tomorrow.

amazing grace said...

hugs from nc! hope your week ends well. i always feel a bit of a 'let-down' after the holidays--just b/c it is this HUGE 'build-up' and then it is over.....i am feeling like it is kinda normal for me. this year i made sure i had something to do on the 26th--to help with that feeling.

LOVE the sweet picture of Jayden.