Monday, November 13, 2006


My friend Kat came all the way across the country in secret to surprise me!!!

BOY was I surprised!!!

So, Jayden got to spend some time with his Aunt Kathy…and he loved it!!!

2006.11.12 Aunt Kathy 02

She managed to coax my second surprise of the weekend from him:

What’s that?

Yes…I think it is…

The first real smile!!!

Yup…all the way to the eyes….

Its hard to see, but he even wrinkled up his nose…

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have her here!!!

You see…she REALLY fooled me…I was thinking she wouldn’t be here until the end of January. Scott told me he was going out to his parents’ house when he was really going to the airport. I had absolutely no idea…and considering that I have been home pretty much 24-7 for weeks now, its QUITE a surprise.

So, I don’t know if I’m suffering residual pregnancy brain challenges or if I’m just clueless or if they are really, really good.

BUT I don’t care, because it was a FABULOUS visit and I loved having her here.

Yes, we DID try to convince her to move…

I’m not sure it worked…she is a born and bred California girl…

Still…she did say that NEXT time she came she was bringing her husband and the kids…


There’s going to be a next time!!!

Sometimes…it’s the NOT SO LITTLE things…
Peace, everyone!

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