Monday, September 25, 2006

37 weeks.

37 Weeks

QUICK update:

I'm actually 38 weeks right now...


BUT, This was taken by Jerry at Matthews Portrait Gallery last weekend. If you are in the Charlotte, NC area and you have children, he is the most amazing photographer of children…he takes these great pictures outside, basically chasing kids around in their own element. It’s fabulous!!!

Anyway, there are two more that I ordered, but I have to wait 3 weeks to get them…sigh!

Most of all, I’m just blown away to see myself this way…it brings the experience of carrying Jayden home, right to the heart…and I appreciate my own beauty, the beauty that God gave me as a woman, perhaps truly for the first time. Honestly, it takes my breath away to see myself like this.

I believe so thoroughly that we are all made for certain things in God’s plan. I’ve gone through much of my life thinking, “Is this it? Is this one of my things?”

As I’ve moved though the recent months, I’ve come to realize that, though things may not be EASY, it’s the things that we surrender to that are those things that we are meant for. When I’ve struggled and fought and tried to control, things do not turn out. But when I surrender, when I say, “Ok, God. Here’s where I am and here’s what is going on and this is how I feel about it and I just can’t wrestle with it anymore, so take me where you want me to be and lets just do this.” THAT is when the magic happens…that is when we settle in and the grace of God shines through us.

And for me…this is one of those times.

Have an amazing day!

Peace everyone!


Gina said...

Gorgeous couple! Cute tatt! How fun. Love your words of wisdom.

karen said...

is that paint or a tatoo that has grown with you?

so cool.

I wish I was a scrapper when I was pregant--I have no pictures :(

Wishing you much sleep and relaxation before the big day!!

Miss you!

Gina said...

Where is that little fella??