Sunday, August 13, 2006

31 Weeks and Peace

31 Weeks copy


Jayden is getting bigger and bigger…and boy do I feel it!

We’ve been able to tickle him and have him move…And I’ve had to physically push him to one side or another when he is camped out totally on one side…Its so amazing and so weird and so totally cool!!!

He LOVES to kick me in the ribs, especially on the right, but not necessarily. He still moves mostly in the morning when I first get up and at night when I’m settling down for the night…and he’s still a very polite little guy…doesn’t wake me up or keep me up. He’s started to kick strong enough that I can see it as well as feel it! To me, though, its fun. It makes me giggle and I always talk to him when he’s moving around so crazy.

Had a couple of days last week when I found myself feeling heavy all over…As long as I stay mostly restful and force fluids, it passes after a few hours.

I can say that I feel so priviledged to have had such a beautiful and amazing pregnancy…Its been a completely joyful and fun experience with none of the stuff that makes women miserable.

I have been doing a lot of reading about all the mental and emotional things that are “typical” for this stage…the worry, the anticipation, the crazy dreams… and I’ve had NONE of that!!!! I’ve been so overwhelmed with the joy of this! Me, who has a pain threshold of zero and who worries about EVERYTHING, is totally at peace. I don’t worry about the pain…I just know that my body is made for this and that any pain will be momentary. And, while I know that this whole parenthood thing is a trial and error things, I also know that every woman settles into her mothering style and that it’s the right style for her and the baby. I really just want to enjoy this process and enjoy how my body changes, how my body adjusts and to each of the momentous but tiny steps along the way!

Praise God for the blessings of this child and for the peace He’s given me along the way!

Peace, everyone!!!


samantha said...

You look so great! I remember when I was expecting Caleb, trying to push him out of my ribs (bit of an issue with direction, my breach boy) and thinking how amazing it was. The only thing I can ever think of missing about pregnancy is those times, early in the morning when the house was quiet, feeling the baby move and wondering what they would be like. I'm so glad you're having an easy time, and I can't believe it's getting so close!

amazing grace said...

how fun that you are able to record all these precious moments! so glad that you are feeling peaceful and that everything is going so well!!!!

karen said... look fabulous!!!

Have you had the "alien elbow" move from one side of the belly to the other yet--i.e. you see the elbow push out the entire way? It blew me away (it was a little freaky too!)

I miss being pregnant. I wish you were here so when that miracle arrives I could take pictures and hold him.


See you Saturday my friend!!!!