Thursday, August 17, 2006

California Bound...

Had a Dr. Appointment this morning...all is well...

Wonderful even!!!

Filled he tank with gas...

Filled my tummy with a yummy Caramel sauce latte and cranberry-orange scone from Dilworth...

Packing up the last of my things for my 3:20 flight today...

Gotta be at the airport at noon to get through security and all that lovely jazz...UGH!!!

I'm so excited to go and see my "peeps" as Scott calls them...

Wish he was coming with...

I'll post pics if I get a chance...otherwise, I'll give ya'll the new prego pic next week!!

Peace, everyone!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

31 Weeks and Peace

31 Weeks copy


Jayden is getting bigger and bigger…and boy do I feel it!

We’ve been able to tickle him and have him move…And I’ve had to physically push him to one side or another when he is camped out totally on one side…Its so amazing and so weird and so totally cool!!!

He LOVES to kick me in the ribs, especially on the right, but not necessarily. He still moves mostly in the morning when I first get up and at night when I’m settling down for the night…and he’s still a very polite little guy…doesn’t wake me up or keep me up. He’s started to kick strong enough that I can see it as well as feel it! To me, though, its fun. It makes me giggle and I always talk to him when he’s moving around so crazy.

Had a couple of days last week when I found myself feeling heavy all over…As long as I stay mostly restful and force fluids, it passes after a few hours.

I can say that I feel so priviledged to have had such a beautiful and amazing pregnancy…Its been a completely joyful and fun experience with none of the stuff that makes women miserable.

I have been doing a lot of reading about all the mental and emotional things that are “typical” for this stage…the worry, the anticipation, the crazy dreams… and I’ve had NONE of that!!!! I’ve been so overwhelmed with the joy of this! Me, who has a pain threshold of zero and who worries about EVERYTHING, is totally at peace. I don’t worry about the pain…I just know that my body is made for this and that any pain will be momentary. And, while I know that this whole parenthood thing is a trial and error things, I also know that every woman settles into her mothering style and that it’s the right style for her and the baby. I really just want to enjoy this process and enjoy how my body changes, how my body adjusts and to each of the momentous but tiny steps along the way!

Praise God for the blessings of this child and for the peace He’s given me along the way!

Peace, everyone!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Latest layouts…

Did some work on Easter pictures Of the Divine Miss H and Mr. R. Since I’m doing an album for each of them, when there are lots of together pictures, I do duplicate layouts (these are on opposite sides, but the exact same individual layouts.)

Ryan Easter Full copy

Haley Easter Full copy

It’s been so long since I did some true layout scrapping and it was SO rewarding. So nice to just spend some time creating and enjoying the feel of paper and pictures.

I forget sometimes how rewarding it can be to spend this time…how it recharges my spirit to just submerge into my hobby, forget some of the other stuff going on right now and just focus on the pictures and the art in front of me. I should really carve out more time for this…more time to disconnect from the computers and phones and tv and all that stuff and just create.

I get inspired by the things I see all the time…Green trees, pink flowers, magazine covers, stripes in a shirt, a restaurant menu, baby stuff catalogs, you name it. To try to figure out what my HOME style is, I’ve started asking, “What is it about this that I like?” Its been revealing and helpful in thinking of creative ways to scrapbook. If I just give myself the room, the creative possibilities are really amazing…

So…off to ponder that…

Peace everyone!