Sunday, July 23, 2006

28 Weeks

28 weeks copy

Mr. Jayden is still sitting up, up, up…He’s quite the mover, but he’s completely courteous – he only wakes me up at a reasonable hour and he doesn’t keep me up past my normal bed time…such a good baby!!!

Dr’s appointment on Friday…all GREAT! - Blood pressure normal, weight gain a larger than I would want, but still well under “normal.” The doctor said he was impressed with the ideal progress of my pregnancy! YEA!!!

That’s the baby update for now…

Peace, everyone!!!


amazing grace said...

yEAH!! so glad that everything is going well!!!! Yeah!!! You look so radiant!!! :)

Gina said...

Beautiful! Love that you're taking the photo in the same place. Good idea. Congrats on the ideal pregnancy!

Gina said...

We'll actually be in Winston-Salem, abouts. You're in Charlotte, right?

karen said...

Looking good!
go check out my blog :)