Saturday, June 24, 2006

24 Weeks

This is me….24 weeks…yikes…

24 weeks copy

Status: Healthy baby, healthy mama (who has only gained ONE more pound his month…that’s a total of 6 for those of you counting).

Who knew I could eat so much and not really gain any weight? It helps that I don’t like things like chocolate and French fries so much, don’t you think? Its all about the watermelon, strawberries, pears, salads, cottage cheese, grilled chicken…is TRULY what I want…no cravings for weird stuff….I DO love my ice cream! BUT have found that a little is quite as satisfying as a lot and so I’m just good about portions. THANK GOODNESS I’m pregnant in summer when all this fruit is available and the ice cream is abundant! HA!

Mr. Jayden is right on track, measuring just as he should for 24 weeks.

Been busy on the nursery and spent the morning downloading some new music and checking up…I feel like I got all caught up! WHEW!!

Scrap room is done and I’m ready to start the “pre-album” for Jayden…if I get really ambitious, I will post some pics…I’m not making any guarantees, tho!!!

Got my plane reservations for CA…all of you in CA will be getting e-mail, invitations or SOMETHING soon to let you know all about it…YEA!! I’m so excited…

OH, and Kathy – just for you…here is my BIG TOE!!! Not the funky one…but the pretty one….and just because you asked.!

big toe

Peace, everyone!


Gina said...

Beautiful, Stunning Mama with extra cool toe and shoes. I totally craved bunches of fruit with both of mine BUT boy did I crave the chocolate too. And V8 Juice - wierd.

Samantha said...

Seriously- how cute are you! I think I have one picture from each pregnancy, I really wish I had taken more. You look great!

Enjoy CA. We got to Mimi's for breakfast once (but I had to go for the french toast :) and I never made it to See's. The produce was so good, so much better than I get here in Florida. And I did a little stocking up at Trader Joe's (I kind of wonder what security thought when they scanned my luggage!).

amazing grace said...

How fun!!!! So glad that you and Jayden are doing well!!!! yeah!!!

Leah (shabby chic)