Monday, April 17, 2006

Its Official…

Well…its official…I’m pregnant and due on October 10, 2006…

I now know its real because I have heard the heartbeat…

And this is kind of a WHOAH moment…

I find myself in constant shopping mode…even when I’m sleeping, I’m
dreaming of the things I have to buy…for most people, this is nirvana….for me, it’s an exercise in lists and organization – two skills I’ve been told I’ve perfected to my own detriment.

For starters, the items to purchase seem endless and are certainly things
I’ve never considered having to buy before – wipes, diapers, a boppy
(whatever that is) and snuggly (again, whatever that is). And lets not even get into the plethora of clothing items that I never even knew existed for me…what an industry!

To make matters more complicated, there are endless choices of the variety
and band of each item you have to purchase…which, if you consider the fact
that I barely know what a boppy is, makes the choice of portable, “bare
naked” or some other kind of boppy even more challenging.

And here is a good question…what if we decide not to find out the sex, so…how
do you design a nursery exactly? I’m thinking of a really cool,
retro-style alphabet set that I found…but there are couple of others,
including a jungle theme, a circus theme and Noah’s ark…are bright colors
not feminine enough? Are pastels not masculine enough? Does anyone really sell neutral things anymore, since finding out is the norm?

And cribs…we are enamored of these life-long crib things…the convertibles
that go from crib to toddler bed to big kid bed to teenager bed. They are
just the coolest things!!! What exactly is the proper wood tone to carry a child from birth to college? And is it ridiculous of me to spend the money now on the furniture that my child will be using when they are 17? These are the questions I wish the baby books would answer.

Oh, the books…What to expect when you are expecting and in the first
year and in the toddler years…the choices are really endless. I bought a
book called “The Mother of All Pregnancy Organizers” It’s the coolest! It has everything a girl could need to keep track of…or so I think…one look at the shelve leaves me feeling that there is way more information about pregnancy and child-rearing than I will ever want to know. I want to do the right things, but there IS such a thing as too much information!

Speaking of information, there are, of course, websites galore. My favorites are the ones that give me the blow-by-blow of what is happening in my body right now…how long the baby is, what is developing, the sorts of things I could see if I was in there with the little angel, whether or not voices can be heard, whether the baby responds to music, how much my sleep and stress and food affects what is happening…its all rather miraculous.

In fact, I would venture to say that there is no further proof needed by me than this pregnancy (and the entire move-to-a-new-state-get-a-great-job-buy-a-house-and-find-out-your-pregnant-all-in-5-months situation) to confirm my faith in an Almighty and Loving God...

I mean, I don’t know ANYONE else who could make me choose watermelon of chocolate…but that is EXACTLY what is happening right now…yes, folks, chocolate doesn’t taste all that great to me. I don’t crave it. I don’t want it. Its kinda nice, I guess…but I cannot pass up a chance to eat fruit, especially watermelon. Who else could make THAT happen to my body but God? Ha!

I will say, there is an entire world out there of which I have little or no knowledge. Despite the frustration that I’m eating fruit and veggies all the time, don’t eat sweets much any more and am exercising every day but STILL nothing fits…ha ha ha….its really fun to discover just how much information is available and how many places there are to get it…Its just amazing…

Yea, amazing is definitely the word for it all…


Peace, y’all.


amazing grace said...

YIPPEE!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

I am soooo excited for you!!!!!!

Karen said...

I am so glad it's FINALLY OFFICIAL and I can tell people LOL!!

I have a ton of stuff if you want it--it's yours!

NOVEMBER birthday's are the best you know :)

Mrs. S said...

I'm craving watermellon now - which I don't think I can get my hands on where I live in this season - and I don't know what to do about that.
Congratulations on your little miracle... may this be a time of great joy and constant reaffirmations in your faith.