Wednesday, April 19, 2006

High Water

I’ve come to the conclusion that during pregnancy, EVERYTHING makes you cry…

Here are some of my notable tearful moments…feel free to laugh your butt off…

The commercial where the dad has built a tree house for his son, but his smart-alec son has decided that the mini-van with the DVD player and the air conditioner and the leather seats is better…I felt so bad for the dad!!!

Country music – virtually any of it – makes me tearful. Letters From Home brought big alligator tears. I Believe brought misty eyes and sniffles. She Don’t Ask Me To actually made me sob.

News articles in the paper make me cry. I read an article this morning about high school students learning Spanish volunteering to teach Spanish speaking children in grade school how to read in English…got all emotional over how nice that is!

Looking at the new house we are closing on next week got my water works going while I was standing in the driveway with the realtor. And she is going to be my neighbor. She probably thinks I’m nuts.

The happiness of the dog when she sees me come through the door and she is all wiggly and happy gets me misty. How can this little creature be SO happy to see me all the time? And first thing in the morning, when she wants to sit in my lap and get some love (actually get love endlessly!) gets me too. Oh, and yesterday, she got a bone…she was so darn happy with that bone that I almost cried buckets FOR her happiness!

Little challenges – simple things like not getting to everything on my list…or looking at my list in the first place – make me tearful. Sometimes, it’s just overwhelming how much has to be done. Did I really accomplish all this junk every day once upon a time in my life?

American Idol performances can get me going….now lets be honest, as a former professional musician, American Idol performances can bring tears to my eyes in a NUMBER of ways – like when they really sound bad or when they just stand there like a bump on a log and do nothing – but when they are great – like Catherine McPhee was last night, I totally weep.

Sweet little babies and children that I see out and about are reasons to tear up. I guess my “Oh I can’t wait” mechanism is turned on for that one.

This is only the tip of the iceberg!

I can assure you that my tear ducts are fully functional and that my water level is apparently higher than usual.

I should have been listening more carefully when my friends who already have children tried to warn me…

But do I ever listen? HA!

I cannot be the only one!!!

What made YOU crazy tearful?

Peace, ya’ll!

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Mrs. S said...

Found your blog totally by fluke coincidence - I am due October 25th with my first, and yeah - the water works are in full gear. I am packing as well (though we are moving to another apartment close by, not a beautiful new house) and... well everything makes me cry.
The most notable? Walking to my grandmother's THINKING about a movie (Deep Impact) I'd seen... the scene where she is cuddled up to her daddy and the big wave is coming? Yeah... picture track pants, pony-tail, walking down this nice quiet street sniffling and trying to keep tears in. Damn, I'm getting all misty thinking about it again.
Have you started thinking about names yet? That'll make you cry, I promise ;)