Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Joy of Shopping…

Seriously, I should write a book like that...

I LOVE shopping - junking, thrift stores, high dollar stores like Nordy's, Target, you name it...I even like to browse in Home Depot!!!

I had the BEST shopping day yesterday…

For starters, my local Michaels has some new ribbons in and I BINGED on them…

I got all of these: (the jar has 5 different ribbons in it…all in colors that coordinate with the COMPLETE Daisy D’s Attic Heirloom’s collection I have coming in a week or so). Isn’t that green paisley and orange paisley CUTE????? AND ALL of the rolls were either in the $2 or $1 bin AND all of them are at least 3 yards except the white with green and brown polkadots…that one was only 4 feet, but too cute to pass up. OH, I’m officially a ribbon addict! NOW…what to use these lovely things on?



THEN I went to Big Lots and found these LOVELY little tins for 99 cents each….As you can see, I’m using them for my big flowers….I’m going to get more today! SO cute! You can kind of tell that the tops still have price-tag schmutz on them...they are acrylic and not glass, so I don't want to scrub them, or they will scratch...any handy hints about how I could get the schmutz of the lids???


AND, I found this 8 by 8 scrapbook album for $5!!! Its cloth covered and has 15 page protectors in it…AND it too will go perfectly with the Daisy D’s collection…I feel an album idea coming on!


On another note…STILL struggling with whether or not I should enter the Hall of Fame. I’d have to work like the devil himself to get everything ready to go and its all due by 2/6. I’m torn…Yesterday I wanted to, today I don’t, tomorrow, who knows? Sigh…such a delima!

Happy day, everyone!!!



donnadowney said...


amazing grace said...

Whoa girl!!!! You had THE dd comment!!! you are cool!!!!


i was going to say that I love the ribbon and love the dollar bins at Michael's---i am always in there looking through those but haven't seen the orange paisley ones...very cool!!!!

you rock!

karen said...

hi girlfriend!!!

are you missing us here in the warm weather? I sure miss you!

use undu on the lids...or nail polish remover!

HOF? Me too...we should mope together :)

I'm going to CHA--how cool is that!
okay, I really should email you huh!

and did you see who posted before me????

ACK--frame it!

Christine said...

Wow. HOF is a hefty order. What did you decide?