Monday, January 23, 2006

Filling the well...

I have been BUSY!

Actually, I got on this card kick and then, when I had all kinds of scraps on my scrap table, I couldn’t just move on…I had to use up those scraps and make some more cards!

So…I did these: a few more to add to the first set of post card Valentines:

Valentine Card 1.9 copy

Valentine Card 1.8 copy

Valentine Card 1.7 copy

And then I did these from a single sheet of really cool SEI paper…

Valentine Card 2.4 copy

Valentine Card 2.5 copy

Valentine Card 2.3 copy

Valentine Card 2.2 copy

Valentine Card 2.1 copy

So…I have a question:

Would you ever BUY cards like these?

And if you would, how much would you pay for them?

Would you want them in a set or individually?

Ok, that’s three questions…but Mom and I had a chat last night and it got me thinking…so I’m curious.

On another note:

Found this lady on Pandora and I love her sound…

its smoky and sweet…and oddly Cher-like…she’s worth a check-out if you like a contemporary folk/country sound.

I am so in love with that only-guitars-and-soulful-voices-meaningful-lyrics sound…its what I was born to love and to do…for the moment I’m quite isolated musically – which is both cool and lonely.

I long for other musicians around me to connect with, to jam with, just to create with.

BUT I also like this down time – time to refresh artistically and seek new inspiration outside of the peer influence, to find new meanings in the same things and see things with a fresh vision.

While it has its lonely moments, I feel as though I’ve been re-awakened artistically…there is no competitive, or comparative quality to it. It just feels new and alive to me and so I am thankful for this isolated place for the moment.

I know that, due to my nature, this cannot last forever, or I will feel like I’m suffocating.

But for now, its good…its peaceful…and its renewing.

Peace, everyone!

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amazing grace said...

you've been busy girl!!! love all the valentine's....i haven't even started thinking about those yet....

hmmm...wonder if mine will come out of a box this year???!!!