Saturday, January 28, 2006

Empty Space

Experimenting with white (empty) space - both in my art and in my life - and clearing out my mental clutter.

Disney R 1 copyDisney R 2 copy

Disney H 1 copyDisney H 2 copy

It’s a beautiful day here, but cold…I’m inside doing laundry…ah, the mundane tasks of just living…sometimes they just gotta be done!

The process, the method, going through the steps…its soothing in its own way – not to have to apply any special thought to it, just sort, and then wash and then dry and then hang or fold…and then move on to the next load…and when I am done, I breathe a fresh AHHHHHHH…and something that is “hanging” over your head is finished and you have a clean slate.

So nice to check something of my list, in this time when there are not many things on my list and I get distracted from all the open time in my life.

I feel like that Cathy comic “ACK! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?”

Tough for a type A personality to not have anything scheduled…ha!

I should ponder this some more…why can I not just chill out and enjoy the time and the space now that I have it? Is it because I’m not in control of its timing? Is it because I do not have a long list of things I know are waiting for me at the other side of my time-abyss to keep me focused on the emptiness of this? Is it because I do not appreciate the rest that God is giving me? I don’t know, but it is worth thinking about.

One thing is for sure…I am not currently equipped to handle long expanses of time with no scheduled appointments…must work on that!

Peace, everyone!

PS...KareBear? gimme some feedback on these...either here or on peas...I need your honest opinion!

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karen said...

am I KareBear?? :)

email me or call me soon!!! I'll be up tonight scrappin !