Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Intentions 2006:

Health – real, true, health…mental and physical and emotional. I’d like to say I’m going to commit to losing a bunch of weight and being a sports junkie, but that has just never worked for me.. health goals are as follows:

Move – every day for 30 minutes a day. A walk, the core routine, dancing, combat training…something for 30 minutes every day.

Eat in balance – no more processed food, no more fast food, more protein and veggies..a focused approach to eating in balance without deprivation and far greater variety in my choices.

Water – 1 oz minimum for ever pound of body weight I carry…this should be interesting.

Sleep – 8 hours every night or as close as I can get.

2 Risks a Week – I read about this in a magazine (the title of which I cannot remember.) These can be small or large, but must be something outside of my comfort zone.

Simplify – I’ve got a whole lot of stuff packed in boxes in the garage that I have lived without for a month and a half. Granted, some of it will have to come out of those boxes when we have our own home, but there are many things out there that I have held on to for far too long because of their sentimentality or my “I might use this some day” mentality. I’m cleaning out and simplifying. We just don’t need all this junk following us through our lives...there is powerful symbolism in us carrying a bunch of junk we don't ever use all the way across the country to start our new life. Its insane, don't you think?

Journal – I say this every year, but I never get myself around to the habit. I have such beautiful journaling tools and a style of my own that is satisfying to my heart. I’m going to be working working working on this! Blogging will be part of it, and there will be another component, a more personal component. I need to give God the time and space to speak to me through my journaling so that I can heal and grow and nurture those things in me that are struggling for the light.

Create - Last year, I committed to one scrapbook event a month and it was fabulous. I kept my promise to myself and actually got in far more than one a month. This year, I want to focus time at home on my hobby. Scrapbooking is soothing and fun and I get so much relaxation and pleasure out the time and what it produces. I’m turning off that darn TV and working on creating more.

Scriptures – every day, without fail. I’m going to study and learn and memorize. The Word will become an inseperable part of me.

There are other things…big things…I want a business of my own and a new home and to go back to school and to have a baby. But I think my focus needs to be on the smaller things. I want to get the details in order so that there is room for these bigger things. I want to get my house in order, to start here, “at home” so that the changes can find their way in concentric circles from me to those around me – like a ripple in water.

First the pebble…then the ripples...then the waves…

Peace everyone!


Gina said...

Great aspirations. Happy 2006!

Drea said...

Wow great goals! :-) Hope you can stick to em ;-)

Tip for drinking more water:
Think of how much more you can enjoy eating if you cut out soda's or sweet tea.
One can of soda has like 200 calories in it. Thats a lot of yummy food you can eat instead haha... or 200 less calories to add to your body.

I find putting water in a cool sports bottle helps me to drink more.