Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas List #3


Today I’m pondering Christmas…or at least trying. I’m searching for the sharing, the peace, the joy and the love.

I want to feel settled in my soul as we approach the celebration of the birth of my Savior.

It should be a time of sharing and acceptance, where differences are put aside with purpose.

This is my focus for the day – to find that light inside of myself and kindle its warmth so that others can feel it, see it, receive it. Its my aim, not to pretend that discord is not striving for dominance around me, but to choose to be joyful in spite of it.

I choose to be the change I want to see in my world.

That’s it…

I choose to be joyful in spite of those things that might be going on around me.

I choose peace in the midst of the chaos.

I choose to be grounded, solid, faithful and true to what I know to be right.

I choose to not give the devil power here…he has no power here.

I choose to put my lamp on a stand for all the world to see.

I read Keri Smith’s blog for the 20th - the “Guerilla X-mas Guide.” I got so inspired!!!

So…Christmas List #3 will be some NEW Christmas Traditions I’d like to start in our family.

1. To let our children put the first ornaments on the tree.

2. To answer a “Santa” letter (or letters) a la Operation Santa Clause or adopting some local family in need.

3. To hand make ornaments and/or gifts as a family.

4. Cookies for the neighbors – this is something I could not have done in California…but here, I think it would be fun!

5. Christmas movie Christmas eve – wouldn’t it be fun to set up some “party” food and rent a stack of Christmas movies and get snuggled in with your family on Christmas eve? I think it would be FABULOUS!

6. Random decoration of a public tree – this is one of the very creative ideas Keri Smith lists. It just tickles me!

7. A Christmas picture card – I’ve always wanted to do this and I never think far enough ahead!

As the Christmas frenzy reaches its pinnacle, may you all choose to spread some Guerila Christmas cheer and may you all choose to be the peace and joy in your worlds!!

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