Friday, May 27, 2005

“FUNK”y music

I’ve been in a funk…a SERIOUS funk…

But, perspective is everything and now that I have some, I’m encouraged about the circumstances that put me in a funk.

I found out THIS week (after the less-than-acceptable review) that there is a woman on my team who wants to come off the road. She has a higher title than me and is very valuable to our organization. So, she will be the new manager for the team that I have supervised for over a year and a half – me included.

I’ll admit, I was furious, especially since I was “sold” the situation kinda like used car that I was not really sure I wanted…I had buyer’s remorse.

BUT, I had a realization and a flash of clarity thanks mostly to my friend Sareta, who gave me sound Biblical counsel; and my friend Teri, who gave me fabulous sympathy and shook her head in disbelief a lot; and my friend Larry who gave me guidance to translate Sareta’s wisdom into sound action; and my friend and dear husband Scott, who had enormous difficulty finding anything wrong with the situation.

My conclusion: God is working here.

I had a serious breakthrough at the beginning of May. Part of that was the realization and admission that I place too much value on work and money and not enough on peace and relationships. I tend to assign value to my life solely on how many hours I work, how many things I miss because of work and how much money I make. Out of balance, wouldn’t you agree?

But after prayer and advice and working through the humanity of my reaction, I realized something. This change is going to remove an enormous burdon. I will be free…

And I will have more time to breathe…

And learn…

And work on having a baby…

And do creative things….

And to visit my family…

And spend time with friends…

And spend more time with the Lord and in worship…

God is preparing me for the next thing…He is calling me to get rid of my old ways and get busy with the next thing

Oh, I’m so excited!!!

So, in my funk, I found some music to comfort me, to fill me up and to help me release…

Here is my “FUNK”y music:

Rob Thomas

The quintecential sexy man of music…his music is so hot. It feels like “home” and something new all at the same time…don’t know what kind of creative lightening strikes this guy, but he just rocks.

I Am An Illusion and This is How a Heart Breaks are my faves on this one – just can’t help but dance all around to these songs. It doesn’t hurt that he can move and has those KILLER blue eyes either.

Antigone Rising

This is an all female band. That fact alone makes this worth a listen. But they are a GREAT all-female band which makes it a little like nirvanna for me. These ladies can WRITE like nothing I’ve ever seen and they qualty of their music is exceptional. Its interesting and different and full of real emotion. Something about female writers/composers…the music they create is almost tactile…you can feel it physically, touch it because its so solid. Writers/composers like this have an ability to point your attention to the subtleties, the underlying currents of life, and expose them with tenderness and truth. It’s the truth factor that is most appealing about this band. I’m all about the underproduced Americana sound – something based in folk music and spirituals and blue grass. These ladies have mastered that on-your-front-porch sound and you just know that its going to be phenomenal whether they are on a big stage or in your living room. Interestingly enough, they wrote a song with Rob Thomas that’s pretty good.

My faves are Go All the Way, Michael and She Lived Here.

Amos Lee (thanks to Cathy Z for this one)

No favorites on this one yet…I’m still processing, but I can’t get his smoky voice out of my head. I want to just sit and absorb him.

The Duhks

Another underproduced Americana-type band. The singer for this band has a delightully smoky voice that just does not quit. She’s absolutely gorgeous as well. This band puts a very unique spin on songs that you might recongize from other genres and has a way with folk songs, spirituals and blue grass that is unusual to say the least. Yet another band that you could imagine sitting around on your front porch, sipping iced tea and jammin’ into a summer night.

Faves on this one are Mists of Down Below and Death Came A Knockin’

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Unknown said...

I'm glad to hear that it is all working for you now. I read somewhere that life is all about balance. I totally believe that.

I saw the Antigone Rising CD at Starbucks (I think). Must check it out. It's on the HEAR label, right? Thanks for turning me on to Anna Nalick, by the way. The CD is now in my shopping cart at :)