Monday, May 02, 2005

Blissfully Unplugged

This weekend was a blissfully unplugged weekend…unplugged from life, I mean.

I took a weekend “off” from the world and from obligation to other people and from the business with which I tend to surround myself.

I spent a couple of hours with coffee and my Bible on the front porch on Saturday. It was peaceful and quiet and so lovely. I wish I could start every day this way. However, I’d have to start at 1 am to accomplish that, so….either I get a new job or I just do my reading at night for the time being.

Laundry still got done, because, lets face it, I can do that in my pj’s and watch a movie while I’m at it and its just no big deal.

My scrap desk got cleaned off in my office. Again, this is not really work…its more like being on an archeological dig for lost supplies. And I discovered a long lost collection of Basic Grey Sublime that I purchased in San Jose and a bunch of other very neat stuff that I totally forgot I had. I was inspired to WORK on a few things!!!

I also got to touch all of the new things I got at Cracker Jack’s moving sale…I purchased over $100 worth of stuff and paid just under $40. I used the sale as an opportunity to get a Herme (something I’ve been desiring but had yet to buy…I kept coming up with excuses not to have it…now I wonder what I was thinking!) There was also that lovely collection of papers in the warm color family covered with words and letters and clock faces, etc. All very wordy papers by different manufacturers that I have loved together, but that I’ve put of buying because I had no conceivable project for them! But when they are 16 to 26 cents a sheet, why wait?

After I’d sorted and touched all of my new and old treasures, I decided I’m not buying any supplies in the month of May with the possible exception of adhesive. I don’t NEED a single thing! And if I desire something, it will just have to wait until June. For the month of May, I work with what I already own.

Took a long look at all the books I have in my house. I NEED a bookshelf. I don’t know WHY we haven’t purchased a new one. Both Scott’s and mine disintegrated during the last move. He has purchased a new one for his office. But, alas, all of my books have been relegated to stacks on end tables and the coffee table and beside my bed, etc. I want a darkly stained, Pottery Barn, mission style book case. Maybe two for the wall behind my sofa…so I can stack all these lovely books on something gorgeous.

And while I was marking the fact that I have all these beautiful books that need to be stacked someplace equally beautiful, I began to realize that I own TONS of tomes that I have not read. I’ve got THREE started and marked but never finished in my bedroom by the bed. SO….new goal…READ the books I have before purchasing any more. I’ve got this goal every year to read one book a month anyway. I’m severely behind this year. I’ve only completely finished TWO and its MAY!!!

I’m going to add two things to my template today sometime…number of books read and $ spent on scrap crap. I think I’ll even list the books, just so I have a list….It’s the least I can do to day accountable to myself…if I see it in print, it will be real to me.

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