Thursday, May 21, 2015

Right Now

You cannot be anymore in the moment than right now. My project today from the beautiful In the Moment kit from Inside Out is about just that RIGHT NOW.

I realize that I'm a looking forward sort of person...I live by the calendar and task list...and that takes me out of the moment of now. So, my project is about remembering to stay out of the future and focus on the now.

Here's to the now!

Peace, ya'll!

Thursday, May 07, 2015

These Are The Moments

So many things came to mind when I found out that the May focus for Inside out would be In The Moment. 

When I got the kit and saw this beautiful heart paper, I was smitten....

I couldn't help but think about how love just seems to fall right out of the sky when my kids are around. ...Check out the Story Behind the Art for today over on the Inside Out Blog.

Peace, ya'll!!!

Friday, May 01, 2015

Happy May Day!!!

So many things to announce today...

First of all - there is a beautiful new kit live today over at Inside Out. The theme this month for our exploration is In the Moment!  (Oh, the things I have in my  brain for the journaling on THIS one!)

And I'm just LOVING the colors for this one...I think I might say that every month...but I do!!!

Second, TOMORROW, May 2, The Inside Out gang will be doing an On Crop - there will be challenges, prizes, games and, of course, being able to scrapbook YOUR inner world. 

Kits are not required, BUT you do want to make sure you are part of the members group on FB!  Go HERE to get that going.

And finally, have a beautiful weekend!!  I know I will!

Peace, ya'll!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Strong Enough

Hello there!

This is my FINAL project from the Soft and Strong Kit from Inside Out. 

I don't know if I can gush enough about how much I enjoyed the exploration of this kit!  Its been a great kit for thinking and digging and discerning and documenting. 

My final layout is about how I wonder sometimes if I'm strong enough to mommy two boys. 

Peace, ya'll!

Friday, April 24, 2015

I simply remember my favorite things…

Some days are so busy all I can do is pass longingly by my scrapbook studio sanctuary and gaze longingly at my favorite things…

So if I can’t create…I’ll blog about it…seems logical, right?

Alrighty then…

I’m a patterned paper girl…I love paper, especially patterned paper. I tend to favor certain manufactures in spurts…These days, it’s Echo Park, Bella Blvd and Pink Paislee.

And plain old white cardstock…followed closely by kraft. (and right now I'm in love with the MME cardstock!)

I love spray INK…LOVE it…my favorite used to be Mister Huey’s from Studio Calico…but these days, I’m diggin’ Heidi Swapp Color Shine…the colors are amazing and the Gold is the best I’ve ever seen.

My favorite adhesive “trick” is Scotch Mounting Tape. I use this stuff for all kinds of dimensional projects…I learned at a workshop taught by Angela Moen from The Button Farm to put it on the back of stickers, die cuts, and even chipboard.

One of my favorite tools is a little Close to My Heart edge distressor…I won it at a crop and it has been the best “win” of all, I think.

My final cool favorite is Perfect Paper Adhesive. May Flaum introduced me to this stuff while I was taking a workshop of hers on multi-media. It’s the greatest stuff. Matte finish, dries clear and holds fast very quickly..perfect for embellishments. 

There you have favorite supplies of the moment. (actually...probably of all time...they are pretty universal). find some time to hide out in that blessed craft room!!!

Peace, ya'll!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

These Hands

Hello, scrappy crafty friends!!!

I'm sharing another project from the gorgeous Soft and Strong Kit from Inside Out...this one MIGHT be my favorite!  

Its just that I so vividly remember my grandmothers hands...I want them to be somewhere in my books. They have been so important...

Head on over to the Inside Out Blog and get the rest of the story!

Peace, ya'll!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Crazy Town USA...

Since January, I've sort of felt like I've been living in crazy town..

There was the very cold winter, coupled with a kitchen/living room remodel. and while we are IN the two new rooms, we haven't gotten all the displaced stuff OUT of the other rooms yet. I did, at last, donate our kitchen table, chairs, coffee table sofa and chaise lounge to various charities.  But my garage still has no room for the second car becuase..well...stuff....

There were a couple of crazy work months...I haven't traveled for work so far this year, but even so, when critical projects deploy, there are some wild work hours and a constantly ringing cell phone.

There was the flu...yes, my friends...I was a lucky recipient of the flu a while back...and my husband was in Las Vegas at the time.  For some reason, I've had difficulty getting back into the swing of things since...just about the time I get my energy back, my littles bring home a new, fun version of the stuffy nose.

There has been the great strides my husband has made in his own business. Which probably doesn't mean anything to you all, but it does mean that household chores that he used to do may not be done by him any longer...

and so on and so forth...

Translation...i'm just not getting my projects done! ACK!

I have, however, been cataloging inspiration and things I so totally want to try...

There is a major shift this time of year toward projects that have that washed out summer feel. I'm totally in love with the sun-shiney, over-exposed this one from Studio Mirabeel

I'm somewhat in a tizzy over Mel Blackburn's work these days. Even tho her projects are smaller than I typically create, I'm quite in love with how she handles layering and details...especially these:

I have become somewhat obsessed with globes and maps over the last couple of far, my obsession has only included pinning...but I saw this on etsy and thought it was amazing and wonderful. Is it worthy to be my collection starter?

Oh, and I've also been etsy obsessed with a little shop called A Flair For Buttons. WONDERFUL shop...and yes, I'm enabling you...Coolest thing? You can get them backed one of three ways so that you can do what YOU want with them. These are some of my faves:

I pinned this lovely little thing to my Gift Goodness board from Bonkers About would make a great tag for a crafter, wouldn't it?

I added these Tim Holtz Robot Blueprint stamps to my Wish List...I am CERTAIN I can find a ton of use for them...


So there you have random creative least I can dream about my projects!

Peace, ya'll!