Wednesday, October 22, 2014

All In a Row

In my house, there is no doubt that there are boys...there are cars everywhere.

What can sometimes be odd is coming into the a room to find all those cars neatly parked on their "parking spaces" in a beautiful arc. 

I just know somebody has been at work!

This is the sort of memory that I know will be fleeting. Some day, they won't do this any longer...and while I have hurt my feet on such displays- and getting them to clean them up when its time is an act of Congress - I wouldn't trade these moments for anything

The My Minds Eye paper in this one was just amazing, because I was able to use both sides - plus the cars all in neat little rows were PERFECT.

The circle punches are raised a bit with dimensional adhesive and there are some mist splatters and brown edges...

This is an extremely simple layout, but it tells exactly the story that I hoped to tell and saves the memory in a way that makes it a memorable story.

And that is the point, right?

Peace, ya'll

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mighty Machines

I suspect that  a large portion of my projects could be subtitled "I love B sides" 

Because I do. 

It could also be subtitled "I use old products when they are appropriate" 

Because I do that too!

My little man loves mighty machines - tractors and dump trucks and front loaders...(Oh My!)

I got down on my belly to get this shot of him sitting peacefully with his yellow machine, all tied up in a row...and the one shot was so perfect and so precious that I had to use it all by itself. 

I just don't want anything but the journaling and the photo to be the focus of this one, so I kept it simple...

A little ink and some embellishments from my various stashes of buttons, flair and brads...there is one new flair from Two Peas before their closing and one Jillibean wooden nickel. the rest are just bits and pieces that I came across in my little stash.

This star got an upgrade with a bit of red Fireworks mist...that stuff is amazing!  

And at the end, all you see is my sweet boy and his machines...all roaring to go!

Peace, ya'll!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Card Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!!!

Today I've got three cards from one of the Embellis It Monthly Card kits...

These are very firmly in the realm of cards I wouldn't make if I were left to my own resources....

But I love how the designs, papers and embellishments are combined.

And especially like how much "stitching" is done on these...

PLUS they are fantastic "everyday" cards...

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!!!

Peace, ya'll!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Too Much

Energy comes in varying intensities...sometimes we find ourselves being too much or not enough for those around us...

I'm exploring perhaps a negative side of Energy over on the SFTIO blog today.

Join us while we examine intensity and energy!

Peace, ya'll!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I'm not sure what it is about Navy and Lime green together that just gets my attention - there is just something about it.

When I saw the Carta Bella Its a Celebration line, I had to have at least SOME of it.

This navy wave is To. Die. For.

I combined this with some Simple Stories, a little Jillibean soup, some October Afternoon - including some die cuts from an older Sidewalks flour sack.

These are pictures of my sweet Jayden when he was about three. He LOVES art and creating. When he was really tiny, he was dangerous to have in my I would push is little art desk up to my office door and he would sit there and chatter with me and do his own creating. 

The enamel dots are from Michaels' Recollections collection - that line is getting some pretty cool stuff in it!

There is, of course, some of my new favorite Gold mist - the Heidi Swapp Color Shine in Gold Lame

And because I don't sew on my layouts, some simple black lines with my hand marker finish it off. 

Peace, ya'll!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

These two:

Share a birthday weekend...Jayden was born a day before Scott's birthday - He's always said the best birthday present ever!

They are so alike in some ways its kinda scary - they walk alike, have no idea how far is "too far" when it comes to a joke, they both love to be snuggled and they are both ridiculously smart.

Yesterday was cake and ice cream and roller skating...I think we are ALL sore from that!

Happy Birthday my sweet, amazing husband!

and Happy Birthday, my adorable and amazing son!!!

I love you both SO MUCH!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

In the Beginning

I often get the comment from people that they don't know how I do all that I do. Lets face it, I don't probably know how to adequately relax...

I have a friend who has now adopted the phrase that she likes to "Ease into" the morning...but not me.

I get up and do it the same every single day...

But how does a morning routine play into the SFTIO theme this month of ENERGY...

I'm over on the SFTIO Blog today, talking all about it.

Peace, ya'll!